20 January, 2021

Trending virtual reality platform and augmented reality ar platform

Virtual Reality platform, Augmented reality (VR platform / AR Platform) and Virtual Reality software, augmented reality Virtual reality content products and virtual reality platforms: A virtual […]
23 December, 2020

Travel 4.0 breakthrough opportunities in digital transformation

Tourism 4.0 and Industry 4.0 basic overview: As defined by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is simply […]
1 December, 2020

Top 10 most popular AR glasses today

10 Types of AR Glasses for the best remote support. There are a number of applications for augmented reality. It’s obviously entertaining, because playing AR games […]
6 November, 2020

Top best VR action games today

Action VR game that attracts players: Action games always attract a large number of players, especially young people today. That is why all kinds of action […]
6 November, 2020

Noel vr game for year-end Christmas event

Noel VR game for year-end events: At the end of the year is the season when events bloom like Christmas – Christmas, New Year’s party according […]