Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company (vrtech.com.vn) is the number one and the only company in Vietnam developing Virtual Reality Technology products for different industries. for learning, training, research, business, marketing, Communication...
VRTECH was born with the desire to bring one of the hottest technologies currently available Virtual Reality Technology into applications and development & business in all fields.
With years of experience in research and development, and a team of leading, experienced and unique experts vrtech.com.vn has developed and successfully implemented many practical products. virtual in many different fields

Virtual Reality - VR :

A VR system consists of VR applications (software) and the hardware is Virtual Reality Glasses (HTC vive, Oculus, google cardboard ...), connecting to a computer or phone will bring you to yourself and Immerse yourself (immersive) into a new world, a completely virtual world and then you are almost no longer aware of the real world around you. For example, you will be put into a space station, where you can interact, activities in it, such as on the spacecraft, flying between the stars. Or as you will be taken back to prehistoric times walking with dinosaurs, interacting and communicating even touching them. The implementation of VR depends on accompanying devices such as computers, glasses, or phones with proper configuration, so it limits the number of people to access, but the separate experience environment creates a more realistic and immersive feeling. wrecked.

Augmented Reality - AR :

AR is deployed mainly on handheld devices (Smart phones, Tabets), based on platforms such as ARCore, ARKit support ... and it focuses on combining the real world with virtual information. Must separate you to a separate space like VR. AR will also allow you to interact with virtual content in real life, be it touching, communicating or overlaying an image layer on top ... (Pokemon Go is a typical example) Implementing AR will be simpler and faster because it does not depend too much on the device, only on mobile devices that are mostly supported by Adroid and IOS so it is very convenient and fast..
In addition to the concept of AR, VR we often encounter more concepts is MR (Mixed reality): MR Is a combination of VR and AR
In recent years, the deployment of both AR and VR has increased rapidly, in part because the devices are becoming more popular than before and so are the great effects that it brings compared to traditional, in all fields of vocational education, health, tourism, commerce, media, marketing in many different fields such as real estate, e-commerce, fashion, and furniture...
VRTECH is the No. 1 unit pioneering a lot of experience in implementing AR and VR content and projects for these partners in different environments, operating in different fields in Vietnam and in the area .

Vision: A pioneer in developing virtual reality content in Vietnam

Mission: Innovative applications to enhance your life

Core values: Technology - Innovation - Dedication - Professionalism - Efficiency


  • New, Featured in Entertainment and Event Media with Virtual Reality Game (VR Game) and Augmented Reality Game (AR game)
  • Experience breakthrough Real Estate and Marketing Communications with engaging and effective Virtual Reality Technology
  • Promoting tourism with virtual reality, museums, relics and antiques will be more experienced, known by people without going to the place, is the best way to promote
  • Interactive smart book 4D, Stories, Virtual Reality Cards 4D more vivid and attractive with AR technology
  • Innovating the quality of the Simulation system for training, vocational training and training with new technology content more effectively, more economically and keeping up with the world trend
  • Create a new revolution for retail industries such as Furniture and Fashion by allowing users to try, experience, promote and sell products via Smarphone, Tabets with virtual reality technology.

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The best virtual reality company today, confirmed by specific projects and products. We also develop best augmented virtual reality for quality, progress, price. Get advice, write projects to implement virtual reality projects in education. Innovative virtual reality application for effective marketing communications. The best virtual reality deployment in real estate today with rich content. The best virtual reality application development company in tourism, to promote and attract. Vrtech is the augmented reality application unit for the first furniture company, on sales and brand promotion.

In entertainment, education, training and vocational training:

AR games, VR games for events and exhibitions. Building virtual reality projects for industries and fields. AR / VR training, process transfer, virtual reality technology for development partners. The company applies the most innovative virtual reality into different field ways. The unit providing the best virtual reality content, the most and the most reasonable price. The development team of virtual reality technology, augmented reality, has been successful with many projects, programs and many big partners. We always try to assert ourselves as the No. 1 AR and VR company in Vietnam with the quality of service and maintenance, product and content maintenance.

Specializing in virtual reality projects for vocational training:

We specialize in outsourcing virtual reality projects, simulation projects in the field of training, vocational training and other services such as airport VR training projects, construction safety projects .The content can be deployed on both VR and AR

Simulation training with virtual reality:

Specialize in consulting solutions and implementing training contents for factory workers. Production lines, mining works, shipyards, drilling industries.. with extensive experience in outsourcing virtual reality projects. specializes in implementing augmented reality projects in many fields.
Virtual reality systems for major partners such as singapore, korea, japan and large companies and corporations.

Our virtual reality and augmented reality projects always satisfy customers with the quality, ability to upgrade, expand, operate to create prestige and VRTECH claims to be the best virtual reality company. .

Best virtual reality company for VR outsourcing projects

Best virtual reality company for VR outsourcing projects.