Experience Real Estate and sample apartments with Virtual Reality

Experience Real Estate visiting the model apartment with Virtual Reality for media marketing

Experience Real Estate with virtual reality and augmented reality _VRTECH

Experience Real Estate with virtual reality and augmented reality _VRTECH

Experience Real Estate with VR technology helps buyers reach more easily.

Buyers experience, visit in front of the house to buy anywhere, anytime.

Until now, the seller only showed architectural drawings, photos, 360 videos, many hidden corners.

Experience and visit more authentically, can travel in the virtual model and interact with the interior in it
Customers can interact directly with the space and utilities of the project
Increase the ability to attract, close orders

Real estate marketing and communication solutions are currently doing the following:

1 – From technical drawings, designs for: Photos, videos of rooms, higher than photos, 360 videos. This way is fast, simple, low cost but nothing new, less effective, people Use not see all products, no experience, not good communication effect.

2- From built-in drawings or templates: Export 360 videos, run on VRBOX virtual reality jacks (copy to phone and to vrbox). This is also known as a virtual reality application in real estate. But passengers only see (only view) no interaction, immersive experience and many limitations, not high efficiency.

3- From The Model Apartment has been completed:

Using a 3D Scan, scan and reconstruct the sample room in 3D
Use matterport platform to put 3D rooms on the web for visitors to experience.

Weaknesses: Customers can experience walking in 3D but in a jump-to-point manner. The movement is difficult, not smooth, not impressive, the effect is not good.

Experience a model apartment with virtual reality technology

Experience a model apartment with virtual reality technology

Experience Real Estate and Marketing Media with Virtual Reality with outstanding and breakthrough solutions.

No need to build a model house, use core virtual reality and augmented reality to develop projects.

and even when the project starts to start but has not yet been built or even built, it is possible to make projects based on the approved drawing.

Guests experience, travel, interact directly with the apartment smoothly, immersed, attractive. True to the true nature of VR virtual reality, augmented reality brings.

Deploy easily on environments, devices: Virtual reality glasses, mobile platforms, websites …

Economical, fast, true virtual reality applications, easy deployment, effects, echo, and highest efficiency.

Buyers can take the initiative to approach anytime, anywhere easily and effectively quickly.

Vrtech is the No. 1 company that deploys Real Estate projects using virtual reality technology, augmented reality actually from core technology, not dependent on 3rd parties.

Chiến lược tiếp thị bất động sản mới nhất với thực tế ảo của _vrtech

Latest real estate marketing strategy with virtual reality of _vrtech

n communications, VR and augmented reality are the key to promoting brand and image.

Nowadays, the application of virtual reality technology in industries brings unexpected effects. Real Estate and Media Marketing are the professions that benefit from this technology.

But now with Real Estate Experience and Marketing communication with Virtual Reality – VR / AR. Customers can not only see but also travel within the apartment. They can interact with objects in it as real. Guests can request to change some apartment features in time to avoid troublesome waste.

Virtual reality applications in marketing communications

Marketing and communication industry we will make new ideas and projects become more unique, more attractive and effective. With various deployment platforms, such as on VR virtual systems: HTV vive, oculus, google cardboard, or vrbox …

Or Augmented Reality – AR: Running on mobile platforms is very handy, fast deployment, anytime, anywhere and not limited to geographic area and number of participants. Besides, it can be deployed on the website to allow people to easily access it.

Thực tế ảo tăng cường cho bất động sản đột phá về chiến lược

Augmented reality helps to experience a breakthrough property

VRTECH is a leading company specializing in developing solutions and content about virtual reality, augmented reality for promoting real estate, entertainment, experience and content games for companies and agencies. Marketing and Communications for private Media events …

The consultation of appropriate implementation solutions will help save costs, and meet the purposes of real estate project investors.

Building good content, images and scripts will help customers experience well and make a good impression on the project, especially the utilities, and detailed interior design of real estate products.

Is it difficult to develop Real Estate Experience and Marketing Communications with Virtual Reality?

Is the idea that the key media to help your real estate project succeed.

Appropriate, beautiful, and convenient solutions for users, diversification and personalization according to customers are major advantages.

Join us using VR technology to lead and lead a new game, if you want to be the leader


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