Cooperation and investment with VTECH JSC

Cooperate with VRTECH JSC to create strategic new products and services:

With the clear orientation of company leaders “Going together will go faster, go more and resources, strength will be enhanced”. Taking the basis of technology and product and service ideas as the foundation for cooperation.

With an open mechanism, our company is very pleased to cooperate with partners and individuals in the development to create new products and services that are applicable and useful in life, as well as Business performance for two parties. The directions of development and cooperation will be made based on the existing conditions and resources of the parties involved. With the main focus are VR solutions and technologies, AR augmented reality, MR Mixed Reality to create products and services.

Investing With VRTECH JSC:

With the policy set out as a corporate strategy of Openness and Transparency. Existing projects, products, technology solutions and resources, We are ready to receive more resources (Capital, Human Resources, Relationships …) from new partners, investors to quickly quickly improve and develop more, beneficial for many parties involved. With the aim of  “Bigger – Faster – Going further”

With partners with good ideas, VRTECH JSC is also ready together to invest in developing, perfecting that product to bring to the market with you with our available technology and resources. suitable if the two sides have the same orientation and common goals.

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