The simulation system used for training, vocational training and coaching

Virtual reality applications in training, vocational training and coaching

Education 4.0- virtual reality in education:

Application of virtual reality in training, vocational training, and education with education (AR education) is a breakthrough in teaching methods, new approaches for learners and teachers, instead of studying vegetarian and theory. down will move to practical learning, practical experience through 3D simulation, LAB laboratories, so the lessons and knowledge will be practical, detailed, quick to understand, easy to remember to attract learners, much more effective. times compared to the old way. Imagine, how the lessons will be more interesting, vivid, effective.

VR in educantion

Virtual reality projects in educantion


















Teachers use AR technology to explain some historical events, science subjects, and biology. Turning any event, passive, boring knowledge into more interesting, interesting or see how they work in detail … The school is being digitized and can use computers, applications Mobile for your own lessons. Think about what they can do with AR technology.

Students can wander around inside a human cell or see, interacting with a 3D galaxy on the screen of their smartphone or tablet. The application of virtual reality to education can be said to be one of the topics which are paying attention and in line with the policies and practical requirements of the society today, to renovate educational methods with the latest technologies to meet the development trend of education 4.0 in Vietnam in the future

Advantages and effectiveness of virtual reality in training

Virtual reality helps learners to experience reality, interact, remember, and effectively.

Students can see how the elements are composed, merged and separated.

When learning history will become more vivid, easier to remember …

Science will see the universe appear before the eyes, can feel, interact.

VR in practical subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics

Augmented reality projects in practical subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics

Application of virtual reality in vocational training and worker training

Help learners practice easily, manipulate many times, save money.

Apprenticeship repair can be practiced on computers, phones, without real machines, economical

When disassembling machines does not need much to the real machine, but much more efficient and accurate, not obscured.

details, each part have been 3D digitized and use virtual reality technology so they can practice anytime, anywhere. Many times without spending much money, regardless of the field conditions for practice

VR in training, especially vocational training and coaching

Virtual reality in training, especially vocational training and coaching

In driver training, ship driver training, pilots, military training is very suitable, and widely applied in many places.

At present, Vietnam has applied virtual reality in training, vocational training and training. There are also some foreign buying systems in use. The price is too high, the warranty, upgrades face many difficulties, complicated maintenance and the exchange of issues that are still barrier, difficult …

Virtual reality in professional and tactical training for soldiers and police officers

Virtual reality technology, augmented reality is a new breakthrough in training of soldiers and police. It is always given special attention because it is the basis and foundation of an entire collective of units and it determines the quality and effectiveness of combat as well as in the future work. Traditional ways are still essential, combined with a number of innovative initiatives that meet this work.

virtual reality projects in training police officers and other specialized operations

virtual reality projects in training police officers and other specialized operations

Traditional ways of expressing certain limitations in the way of transmitting knowledge, such as words that cannot fully describe the image, images cannot express hidden corners of objects and equipment. , videos often do not make people understand all the content deep, real and abstract that only reality can understand all.

The exercises in the real environment are not easy, it depends on the weather, time, location, cost and especially it is difficult to independently practice once without mentioning. want to do many times to master a skill.

The application of new technology is one of the good solutions to partly overcome the above limitations, which is great for those who train and train soldiers. Exercises with machines, equipment, or high-risk, large complexity, difficult to set up the actual scene.


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3D simulation, VR virtual reality is a great choice to overcome this situation. It will create an ideal practice environment for reforming traditional teaching methods.