Virtual reality tourism creates a breakthrough with tourism 4.0

Virtual reality tourism, new technology solution for tourism 4.0 VRTECH JSC …

“Tourism 4.0 – a necessity for the tourism industry to integrate with the general trend of society in a digital age. Travel experience with virtual reality technology is the inevitable direction to catch up with the development of tourism. Industry in the region and the world Virtual tourism or virtual reality tourism is a new era for a new revolution called Tourism 4.0”

Virtual reality tourism is New technology for travel

Virtual reality tourism is New technology for travel

Innovating the tourism industry, the application of virtual reality to tourism is a new breakthrough. The fact has proved the efficiency that it brings to projects and localities. Attracting tourists to tourist destinations, local beauty spots. Virtual reality is to allow immersive experience, even travel, interact directly into that space will maximize interest, create an impression, lust to a certain place. they do not have conditions to or are in the process of consulting.

Virtual tourism or virtual reality tourism is a new step of the tourism industry, an opportunity to promote and communicate in a new way consistent with the current development trend, and to create a new breakthrough in the tourism industry. is Experiential Travel or “Travel 4.0”.

Virtual reality tourism is different and superior to the tradition

The old way of promoting things like newspapers, television, leaflets or higher is social networks. Photos, videos, 360 photos and 360 videos have met the guest view function. But customers today demand more than that, they want to experience the real thing, anytime, anywhere.

Virtual reality in tourism or virtual tourism has been proven through real projects. Many countries have experimented and implemented to achieve unexpected results.

Digitization is the first step to building virtual tourism, places will be 3D modeled. Next is to put that 3D model into a virtual reality or augmented reality environment. Through VR glasses or AR devices, users can experience the whole place. Virtual Reality travel, users wear glasses to visit, although effective, more immersive but the deployment has certain limitations, such as VR glasses, compatible computers, fixed deployment points. planned …

Virtual tours are the trend of the world tourism industry

Virtual tours are the trend of the world tourism industry

Virtual tourism based on virtual reality and augmented reality has made a remarkable difference with the latest and the latest technology. It attracts newness, new technology trends, attractiveness and efficiency.

Virtual reality website3D platform for Virtual Travel

A new website3D platform is also very effective to promote tourism in the new era. Unlike normal websites, 3D websites can include 3D digitized places. Viewers can experience such as traveling, visiting, interacting with the place in 3D environment more attractive than conventional websites currently do not. Despite the limitations, website3D is also very effective for tourism today.

Reform the current tourism industry to adapt to the era of Tourism 4.0

Tourism industry with good growth speed, companies also began to compete more fiercely. Process improvement and innovation are the best ways to create competitive advantage between companies and countries.

Innovating the way of managing, operating and creating the best conditions for tourists is the right thing to do. Applying new technology is a lever that makes the difference to improve efficiency as quickly as possible. The characteristics of tourism to attract, refer to experience first to attract visitors. Creating convenience for guests to choose, connect quickly, anytime, anywhere is the new trend.

VR virtual reality, augmented reality meet all requirements above for new travel. Virtual tourism is an important part of making tourism 4.0, it completely renovates the way of doing. Connect customers with travel companies, promote, user experience, book tours, pay online.

Đột phá của ngành du lịch, thực tế ảo VR công nghệ quan trọng hàng đầu

Breakthrough of the tourism industry, virtual reality VR technology of leading importance

When you want to travel to a place but need references, information, photos, videos are available. You can now experience it on sightseeing, travel, interacting with objects there on website3D, on VR headsets, or on mobile devices with augmented reality. After the experience feels beautiful, like, you can book a direct payment tour anytime, anywhere.

Opportunities for breakthrough travel companies, localities and countries

Virtual tourism is an opportunity for companies to promote their brands. The customer connection and tour closing are fast, consistent with current development trends.

The race to apply VR in tourism has been continuing. Where people go will create advantages over competitors, create new customers thanks to technology and more convenient connection for users. Satisfaction, meeting the needs of guests is the strategic business that determines the tourism success. Virtual tourism or applying virtual reality to tourism is a step for dynamic managers with good knowledge and strategic vision.

Virtual reality takes calendar to a new step in connecting, attracting customer care

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In fact, augmented with AR makes it easier to deploy because on mobile devices. With smartphones or tabets, the access of users will be simple, used anytime, anywhere.

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