Virtual Reality Game

Virtual reality game and augmented reality game

“Virtual reality offers many opportunities for comprehensive content innovation for many fields. Game industry for entertainment for the purpose of event communication, product marketing. Virtual reality game is the most creative, breakthrough and attractive choice ”

Virtual reality VR game for personal entertainment and media events

Virtual reality game for personal entertainment and media events

The outstanding feature of VR virtual reality game is to bring players immersed into virtual space, 3D environment. Separated from the real space outside, should give players the excitement, novelty and great feeling that traditional games cannot do.

Virtual reality games bring a new and different, the attraction of the game is also a trend of new technology, making people pay more attention, the level of spread stronger. From serving the needs of personal experience is also the destination of Event Media.

“Virtual reality game from serving personal needs to dominating the media industry”

Thanks to this feature, the current event media companies always prioritize using VR virtual games to attract attention, experience participants and experience their products and services. The entertainment industry also has the opportunity to innovate, enrich content, meet the needs of customers’ choice, create new revenue.

Virtual reality game augmented breakthrough AR how to play anytime, anywhere

Demand for gaming entertainment anytime and anywhere, the majority do not focus in one place. The augmented reality game also meets that need in time to serve those who are busy at work, study, and travel. Play augmented reality games, leisure stress, stress relieving. The augmented reality virtual reality game (AR) is a suitable choice. Pokemon go was born that created a great buzz for the gaming industry, marking the emergence of a new, more entertaining entertainment category, augmented reality virtual reality game, or AR Game.

The first Game AR

The first Game AR

The first augmented reality game that allows players to experience true space. AR technology and positioning players, game characters using GPS, thereby creating a new way of playing more interesting, stimulating curiosity with new game genres. Compared to VR games, AR augmented reality games are deployed on SmartPhone devices, simply, easily accessible, anywhere, anytime.

Virtual reality games, augmented reality and connectivity better thanks to social networking.

VR gamers, augmented reality users are even more interested in combining it with social networks. Exchange, exchange and connect with each other easily and quickly. Jobs explode faster than other games.

This is considered an opportunity to innovate Event Communication to keep up with the technology trend. Virtual reality game vr aims to convey the message of the project exactly to many people.

An important element of the success or failure of Event Communication projects in the new era.

Virtual reality games and augmented reality games thanks to the trend:

Pokemon go is the first AR game to create a widespread, fast thanks to the novelty.

The most successful augmented reality game ever

Players can interact directly with characters in the game, through the screen.

Augmented reality game helps game players have new options. Virtual reality technology is the basis for game makers, media firms to invest, innovate content, improve their efficiency and services.

Build game vr for events

Game vr for events

There are several types of virtual reality games?

Virtual reality games and augmented reality are often called games VR

Currently, there are 2 types of virtual reality games:

1 – Virtual Reality Game – VR Game:

Virtual reality games and games on different types of virtual reality glasses:

Virtual reality game vr running on popular VR glasses: Vrbox with phone attached

Virtual reality game vr runs on central vr glasses like cardboard, oculus go.

Virtual reality game VR runs on high-end glasses like: oculus rift, htc vice …
Virtual reality games can be programmed to put in VR glasses for playing
or virtual reality games on vr game stores that developers upload for business or marketing purposes (HTC vive game store or oculus game store …)

Game VR for  oculus rift

Game VR for oculus rift

2- Augmented Reality Game – AR Game:

As AR augmented reality games running on smartphone mobile devices, Tabets are handy for players wherever they are.

It is possible to add virtual objects, 3D environments to real space through the camere of smartphone devices.

Bringing cars and roads to work to play. Bringing the animals to certain physical locations, true to real space, can interact, play with them.

In the near future when the MR (mixed reality) glasses are completed, there will be more MR games.

VRTECH is a leading company developing both VR and VR virtual reality Games for entertainment, experience and Private Content Games for Companies, Marketing and Communications Agency for Communication projects, events …

The future of virtual reality and augmented reality games

The development of AR / VR applications has created new content, opening up new and promising directions. Virtual reality game application is also very rich and diverse. The future of virtual reality games is expected both in terms of popularity and revenue.

Promising areas such as Virtual Reality Games in event communications, augmented reality AR games promote brands. AR / VR game for personal entertainment …


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