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23 December, 2020

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Virtual Reality platform, Augmented reality (VR platform / AR Platform) and Virtual Reality software, augmented reality

Virtual reality content products and virtual reality platforms:
Nền tảng thực tế ảo - VR platform và AR platform là xu hướng tiếp theo

Virtual reality platforms – VR platform and AR platform are the next trend

A virtual reality VR product that includes device hardware (VR hardware) and content software installed and integrated on it for users to use. Thus, it is understood that a VR product (application) has 2 main parts: VR Device and software go parallel to each other, in which the equipment is mostly provided by popular brands and manufacturers. on the market today. The content, software can be used what is available on the VR application market or have to do, develop and build one according to use requirements (programming by order). Similarly, AR products also include application software programmed to run mainly on mobile devices or on other AR device systems to serve purposes and problems. somehow.

Xu hướng nền tảng công nghệ thực tế tăng cường - ar platporm

Augmented reality technology platform trend – ar platform

VR games that people often play include VR glasses to wear to their eyes, VR game software programmed and installed on it. For the types of games with large graphics, there are also computers, video cards, sensors, connected devices, display images, sound …

Definition of VR / AR content software?
Definition of VR platform / AR platform?
So the VR platform for programming VR product applications today is popular:

So the VR platform for programming VR product applications is popular today: Virtual reality companies as well as programmers often do projects that can be ordered by partners, can make their own products. for business, or for other purposes.

Nền tảng VR sử dụng trong y tế

VR platform for medical use

To make today’s VR products, programmers often use the best VR support development platforms like Unity with C # and Unreal with C ++ programming language as good VR development platforms. and most popular today. Based on that, it is possible to build and program on-demand VR apps, VR games, software to experience and visit works, places, travel …

So the AR platform to program the best AR apps:

When there are programming platforms like the above, apps and ar software must be integrated with basic AR features, so AR platforms are an indispensable key for programmers of applications. . Currently, there are many different platforms for choosing, based on the features and functions that require final use to determine which AR is the most suitable for choosing and using.

VR platform đang ứng dụng nhiều hơn

VR platforms are getting more applications

Popular AR platforms for programming:

Google’s ARCore is a platform – the augmented reality development SDK is popular on Android Apple’s ARKit is an SDK platform for augmented reality software development on iOS Spark AR Studio is a Facebook augmented reality SDK. The Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK provided by the Austrian Wikitude Company provides an AR development platform.

Triển khai ứng dụng nền tảng VR cho đào tạo thực hành nghiệp vụ

Deploying VR platform application for training of operational and professional practice

Vuforia Studio: Enables users to create and publish scalable AR experiences that transform production, service, and training processes without the need for extensive programming or costly custom designs. The vendor declares that Studio is the only drag-and-drop authoring environment allowed in … EasyAR provided by Shanghai-based Visionstar an augmented reality SDK. Amazon Sumerian: Powered by amazon Kudan AR SDK is also a good solution for AR programming There are also many other platforms such as AR foundation, Augmentir, PlugXR, MaxST …

Building a virtual reality platform for VR users:

The construction of content for individual VR cradles, serving separate uses, is called VR software, typically vr games, practice vr software for vocational training, vr software for experience, vr software for training, vr software for skill practice, education …

Phầm mềm ứng dụng VR trong thực tế đang là xu hướng công nghệ mới

VR application software in reality is a new technology trend

But such individual development only serves small, inaccessible or very difficult customer sets. Build a service, a platform where creating VR content is as simple as drag and drop, add and remove interactions, content model using available resource banks, or easily add, accumulate to perfect a VR product where the operator may have limited programming, as well as technical expertise.

Such service systems are called VR platforms – Services that create vr content with utmost ease.

For example in the retail industry, building a system, service, allowing retailers to create virtual accounts and stores with virtual products on them, thereby allowing customers to experience products and services. use VR technology before they decide to buy it. In tourism, or museum, education and vocational training, training … is the same. We need VR platforms to make it easy for mass deployment.

Triển khai nội dung AR trên nhiều nên tảng thiết bị khác nhau

Deploy AR content on many different device platforms

Building an Augmented Reality platform for AR users:

Along with VR applications, vr platforms and AR applications, AR platform is necessary to develop to synchronize and spread the deployment environment on mobile environments, that is to provide a service system that User can go in to create, and build up ar content in the simplest way. After that, it will be deployed for all customers to use it in a popular, simple and effective way, at a much lower cost compared to making a single app ar.

Application and platform separation vr:

To create an ar app for advertising, communication and experience for a brand, it is necessary to order ar companies to write a software and backend system for own management at a high cost.

Nền tảng thực tế ảo vr platformn cho bảo tàng du lich _ VRTech jsc

Virtual reality platform vr platformn for travel museum _ VRTech jsc

But if it is possible to build a shared system but allow accounts that are customer brands to use together easily, create ar content and deploy that application part, the cost will not be burdened. 1 more business that will distribute and share to many businesses at once, implementation will be much more feasible.

Trends and opportunities to implement vr / ar in digital transformation:

With technology trends and innovation requirements to adapt, the creation of VR software, ar software for businesses, specific problems, the vr platform, the ar platform will be revolutionary. new, creating a strong transformation to deploy and bring vr and ar technology into every corner of society, manufacturing industries, and other fields in the coming time, especially for users. The end is easily accessible.

Các phần mềm AR và nền tảng đã trở nên quen thuộc hơn

AR software and platforms have become more familiar

We have a general understanding like this: if we want to create applications to solve problems, businesses can build their own solutions and applications, and businesses operate in one area. If they have similar needs, they should think of building and implementing common VR / AR platforms for them to create their own content.

The company moves to make VR / AR products and build platforms for different businesses, sectors:

Currently, companies specializing in virtual and augmented reality can develop vr / ar / mr softwares, applications according to orders, scripts as well as separate usage functions. But in order to successfully develop a virtual reality platform – vr platform or augmented reality platform, only a few companies in the world are doing it.

Nên tảng thực tế tăng cường AR platform mở ra triển vọng mới

So the augmented reality platform AR platform opens up new possibilities

This work is also the destination of VR / AR companies as well as technology corporations today. The US EON Reality group is one of the capable companies that have deployed their platforms everywhere but disagree with the transfer of technology, systems and service solutions. Developing and building a similar platform or deploying to other areas requires a company with sufficient technological expertise. We Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company with a team and a lot of experience can deploy and build vr platforms and ar platforms for the purposes of business and use of companies. companies, domestic corporations as well as foreign partners. Please contact us for consulting and co-development of vr products or platforms, ar platform and fully transfer the legal method required by the partner, to deploy the operation. joint.