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Tourism 4.0 and Industry 4.0 basic overview:

As defined by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is simply understood as follows:

“The first industrial revolution (cmcn 1.0) used water and steam energy to mechanize production. The second revolution (cmcn 2.0) took place thanks to the application of electricity to mass production. The 3rd revolution uses electronics and information technology to automate production (cmcn 3.0). Now, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (cmcn 4.0) is developing from the third revolution, it combines technologies together, blurring the lines between physics, digital and biology. a world that combines the real world and the virtual (digital) world ”.

Du lịch 4.0 chuyển đổi số trong CMCN 4.0

Travel 4.0 digital transformation in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will take place in 3 main areas, including Biotechnology, Digital and Physics, with core technologies as the core.

Travel 4.0- Breakthrough travel:

Is smart tourism development with the support of digital technology, to create and provide services that are most convenient for tourists and satisfied to meet the maximum individual needs of tourists. customers rely on pioneering technologies.

Du lịch 4.0 sẽ chuyển đổi dần các phần của du lịch truyền thống

Travel 4.0 will gradually transform parts of traditional tourism

The core elements of Digital in Industry 4.0 will be: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data (Big Data). That means connecting everything together needs IoT, and processing controls and their operations with such a huge amount of information and data, so you need Big Data and making it work intelligently and optimally. the case of life requires AI to handle it.

In the field of biotechnology, Industrial Revolution 4.0 focuses on research to make leaps in Agriculture, Fisheries, Medicine, Food processing, environmental protection, renewable energy, chemical and friendly materials.

Finally, the field of Physics with new generation robots, 3D printers, self-driving cars, new materials (graphene, skyrmions …) and nanotechnology.Industry 4.0 is the breakthrough in the way of doing and work performance:

Industry 4.0 is the breakthrough in the way of doing and work performance:

According to Mr. Klaus Schwab, the breakthrough speed of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is “without historical precedent”. When compared to previous industrial revolutions, 4.0 is evolving at an exponential rather than linear speed. Furthermore, it is disrupting almost every industry in every country. And the breadth and depth of these changes heralded the transformation of the entire production, management, and administration system.

Cách mạng công nghiệp 4.0 sẽ hỗ trợ toàn diện cho du lịch tạo đột phá

Industrial Revolution 4.0 will comprehensively support tourism to create a breakthrough

Currently, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place in developed countries such as the US, Europe and part of Asia. Besides new opportunities, it also poses many challenges facing humanity to adapt.

Tourism 4.0 is an initiative of the Tourism Thailand organization with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship, supporting tourism and tourism entrepreneurship as well as promoting innovation across the tourism industry in the country.

Under this initiative, Tourism Thailand acts as an advisory body and coordinator by promoting alliances and cooperation between different agencies, facilitating access to financing, training and strategic advice for small and medium enterprises.

As a result, a number of initiatives have been launched since the program’s inception, contributing to the promotion of the dynamic business environment in Thailand.

Industry 4.0 Impacts on Current Tourism Development:
I-In the field of tourism promotion and marketing
1-Expand the space, time and travel market

The development of the Internet to connect everything blurs space and time, creating a flat world, people all over the world, only need an internet connection to access and explore all the monuments. history, famous tourist attractions around the world. This is an important push that generates travel demand for all people, is a golden opportunity to expand the tourism market, with customers everywhere and every time creating unimaginable breakthroughs. That’s travel 4.0

2-Reduce advertising, marketing and communication costs that rely on technology as the core

If in the past, to promote and develop the destination, it took a lot of time and had to pay a sizable amount of money for advertising on television, newspapers, radio, distributing leaflets, folds, maps, introduction of tours and price per tour … now through the application of smart websites, social networking platforms, online communities and virtual switchboards (all of these software run on the environment). cloud computing field) the cost of advertising, marketing and time spent on it has been greatly reduced. This is a great advantage because Industry 4.0 brings breakthrough tourism up.

Số hóa di tích cho du lịch chuyển đổi số quan trọng

Digitalization monuments for important digital conversion tourism

3-Digitalization of travel database

The digitization of tourism databases such as introducing natural and human tourism resources, maps of tourist destinations, systems of restaurants, hotels, transportation systems … of each locality Each country is being deployed widely, bringing benefits to managers, tourism businesses and tourists around the world.
It can be said that digitization is an important first step, a basis for the digital transformation in tourism in today’s countries.

4-Virtual reality tours, virtual tours for the throne experience

The use of images, 3D, 4D video, reconstructing events, historic sites, cultures, and natural heritages and posting them on the internet or at tourist sites helps all. People all over the world (including tourists) easily discover, understand, love more and enjoy to explore the tourism resources of each locality, each country. This is also one of the effective methods of stimulating tourism demand, Experience tourism is an inevitable trend of tourism 4.0.

Điểm du lịch nổi tiếng sẽ được số hóa thành các tour ảo

Popular tourist spots will be digitized into virtual tours

II-In the field of tourism services business
1-Selling online and paying online

E-commerce, online business, including travel business are currently the trend of the times. Industry 4.0 helps travel businesses to deploy travel services to all people in need around the world with the least cost, time saving and highest revenue.

2-Reduce labor force, time, costs, reduce tourism service costs to create breakthroughs.

The application of modern technology has significantly reduced the workforce, shortened the working time, sharply reduced costs, and led to a decrease in the cost of tourism services.

Thanks to online buying and selling, travel businesses can associate, cooperate, share difficulties and profits, sell goods to large numbers of customers, with little cost and time so they can be okay. pricing, discounts, and even shock discounts on travel services

Overseas Chinese travel businesses in the US, some countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore), travel businesses in Eastern Europe … are very good in the field. this. In the US, their tour prices are very flexible, even some lucky tourists in the low season travel great promotions (buy 2 get 2), only pay about 250 USD for a 7 day 6 night tour. East Coast, about US $ 400 for a 10-day 9-night tour in the US West Coast (prices include travel and overnight accommodation in a 3-5 star hotel). With this cheap price in Vietnam, only a dream can be seen.

3-Link tours, tour routes.

The Internet of Things has made it easy for travel businesses to connect tours and destinations, increase the number of tourists and increase tourism business efficiency, turning tourism into an industry with a continuously operating machine. break, run at full capacity.

4-Brand development destination

Industry 4.0 brings information, destination images to everyone at all times, everywhere, it stimulates and creates a need to explore, explore destinations, famous tourist destinations, with quality translation Good service, through 4.0 technology, will create a crowd effect, create a destination brand quickly and on a global scale.

One of the typical examples is that after the movie KingKong was released, Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh), Trang An (Ninh Binh) and Phong Nha (Quang Binh) became more and more popular, becoming more attractive destinations in the eyes of international and domestic tourists.

5-Link tourism businesses

Regional linkages, links between tourism businesses, sharing guests, services, sharing profits as well as difficulties are indispensable trends to specialize and reduce costs of tourism services. Industry 4.0 helps this link become more and more favorable, expanding space, making the tourism industry more sustainable.

6.Develop new tourism products.

Travel 4.0 will create more and more new, rich and attractive tourism products.

Industry 4.0, especially virtual technology allows the reproduction of historical events, ancient cultural spaces, majestic natural landscapes … so that visitors can experience and immerse in it, creating real-world feelings in tourist spots. Visitors who have the opportunity to visit the film capital Holiwood can see all the virtual technology effects, irresistible attraction of this famous tourist destination.

7-Improve service quality

When applying Industry 4.0, with its outstanding technological advantages, it allows visitors to feel with all of their senses (hearing, taste, smell, touch, perception), Visitors’ receipt and satisfaction will greatly increase. Therefore, Tourism 4.0 not only reduces costs but also increases the quality of tourism services

III-Regarding the training of human resources for tourism in the new technology era

Industry 4.0 is being widely applied to all fields in social life, including the tourism industry. Therefore, tourism training institutions, the machine of the tourism industry, also need to undergo drastic transformations to adapt to the development of technology. Issues that need innovation are:

1-Renew training programs and textbooks, increase practice time, practical internships in enterprises.

2-Improve and update the professional qualifications and technology of the teachers team.

3-Apply new technologies in teaching theory and practice.

4-Students need to be trained more in soft skills, skills in applying new technology, communication skills and using foreign languages ​​in business activities.

6-Linking schools with businesses, training according to the needs of businesses and society.

Cuộc đua chuyển đổi số trong du lịch sẽ bắt đầu mạnh mẽ hơn

The race to convert numbers in travel will start to get stronger to keep up with the times

Industry 4.0 will drastically change management and business skills, reduce costs and increase the quality of tourism services, be a great driver to stimulate tourism demand, while also pushing a part of office workers, simple workers and those who are not adapting to new technology leave the tourism industry. Tourism 4.0 is both an opportunity and a challenge for the tourism industry.

IV Opportunities for Micro to Macro Management for Tourism 4.0

  • at Micro level: At the local, provincial and district level

At the grassroots level, if they make good use of the opportunities and technology, they will create a very small competitive advantage. The planning and management through separate management software for Tourism is the main point for digital transformation. Promotion information, package planning, tours, promotion of attractive media. The platforms can be applied to localities to create promotional content, virtual tours, and connect with local management systems to optimize operation, tour arrangements, reservations, publishing facilities, human resources .. for me to optimize costs, improve service, quality, and ensure security and order for visitors.

  • Macro Level: at the level of state management and ministries.

For relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, it is very important to connect localities and keep relevant information up to date. Proper reporting, management, development and planning are the deciding factors for the entire industry’s development.

Applying technology for digital transformation in good tourism will completely change the image quality and elevate the country tourism. It is also a platform for connecting with other specialized agencies serving national interests such as history education, traditional culture, the propaganda of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country through tourists. Yearly, Promote domestic tourism to the world through the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam, as well as security control issues, epidemics …

V- Solutions and opportunities for team tourism by digital transformation and 4.0 technology

In fact, the transformation of digital tourism in general and traditional tourism to tourism 4.0 still has some barriers such as thinking, how to do, as well as some perceptions and determination. Some are skeptical of the outcome, as well as suspicion, fear of responsibility if the outcome is not as expected.

Thác bản dốc dưới dạng Video 360 sẽ đẹp và hấp dẫn hơn

Waterfall in the form of Video 360 will be more beautiful and attractive

Budgets and policies almost all localities have and have been approved, but its implementation depends on the dedicated staff who are determined, and enthusiastic and supervised to accept innovation in being Performing pioneers to lead the game of number conversion or not.

Tourism 4.0 is an opportunity for localities to rise strongly, creating unique advantages for tourism in the home province, as well as a breakthrough opportunity for the whole country in the game for the leader.

Digital transformation, industrial revolution 4.0 is an opportunity for tourism 4.0 for localities to integrate into the common transformation of the world.

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