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in areas such as, education, manufacturing, services, vocational training, marketing communications, skills training, professional practice, equipment operation, ground services or tourism. Or the research topics of innovation and implementation in practice. Virtual reality projects are the first choice. Technology innovation, efficiency and new technology effects are a great advantage.

Dự án thực tế ảo

Virtual reality projects  can be applied in different fields

Dự án thực tế ảo trong truyền thông marketing:

In the media, there are many things to be able to apply the Virtual reality project to.
The gamevr caters to the media always attract outstanding visitors.
Experience and product interaction apps and brands with the Vr app
Công ty thực tế ảo tốt nhất

Virtual reality company for the most experienced event today

Augmented reality applications in Marketing (AR Marketing). Augmented reality opens up a lot of marketing (marketing) capabilities and if used creatively, it can bring more cohesion and loyalty to their brands and products. Imagine walking around the store with a smartphone in hand.

It is also possible to see prices and features of the product, along with special offers and discounts for them. With virtual reality projects or AR marketing can become more effective and interesting for customers, a new approach. Marketing AR for kids has even more interesting options. Turning shopping centers into amusement parks, and interacting with virtual characters. The shopping center will become a zoo, attracting people as a base for marketing deployment The augmented reality implementation will bring many advantages and unexpected efficiency in brand marketing, support sales and increase sales.

Virtual reality projects about Education 4.0:

The application of VR and augmented reality in Education (AR education) is a breakthrough in teaching methods, new approaches for learners and teachers, instead of studying vegetarian, the theory of going forward will transfer. to practice, practical experience through 3D simulation, LAB rooms, so the lessons and knowledge will be practical, detailed, fast to understand, easy to remember to attract learners, effective much higher than old way.

Dự án thực tế ảo cho giáo dục

The project of educational innovation with the latest teaching, practice and experience With virtual reality and augmented reality

Imagine, how the lessons will be more interesting, vivid, effective. With virtual reality projects, the teacher uses AR technology to explain some historical events, biology, physics, chemistry, science will be practiced regularly and visual learning on the part. The simulation is less expensive, accurate, less expensive and safe, minimizing risk or danger.

Some suggestions for virtual reality projects in education are as follows:

Virtual reality project to teach and practice science in space, space, and galaxies.
Virtual reality for teaching and practicing Physics (construction, practice, experience) Virtual reality projects in physics
Virtual reality project for teaching and practicing, experimenting with chemistry subjects (substance composition, experiment practice, chemical reactions, experiences …)

he vr projects for vocational training, practical training in the production line factory have a tool to train workers to correctly manipulate the working environment in their position, reduce training time, increase labor productivity.

Virtual reality also allows workers unlimited access anytime, anywhere so it is very convenient for users. Even virtual and augmented reality help to train traffic skills, practice skills such as singing and dancing, using tools and musical instruments. In vocational training such as practicing Repair and assembly of engines, electrical parts, or chassis of cars, machines, and other industrial chain modules.

The application of new technology is one of the good solutions to partly overcome the above limitations, which is great for coaching people.

In Public Security Training, Soldiers: Virtual reality projects can help train soldiers. Exercises with machines, equipment, or high-risk, large levels of complexity, are difficult to practice in real environment.

3D simulation technology, virtual reality VR, AR will be a great choice to overcome the above situation, creating a virtual environment for ideal practice.

Some key directions for applying virtual reality projects in vocational training:

The application of Virtual reality projects in vocational training: learning, practicing machine operation, electricity, chassis ..

Virtual reality project in training aviation service skills: Simulations, practice operating steps, operations in repair, operation, maintenance or airport security operations.

Virtual reality projects in the oil and gas industry: Institute technicians need to practice the exploitation, troubleshooting, or operating on the rig. Which practical conditions do not meet. VR technology and simulation would be perfect for deployment.

Mô phỏng 3D và thực tế ảo

3D simulation and virtual reality for vocational training is great Virtual reality projects

Virtual Reality Projects in the Shipbuilding Industry: When the conditions of practice of repairing, maintaining, or operating equipment and machines on ships do not meet the requirements for students, the practical application Virtual and 3D simulations constitute virtual reality projects for the aquatic industry as the most feasible breakthrough today.

In the field of heavy industry and construction:

In order to operate the complex and dangerous chains and stages that students need to practice, they are currently less accessible because of the cost and conditions to deploy such devices. When we use 3D simulation technology to digitize equipment, the above environment creates virtual reality projects for the power and construction industries, which will be great and necessary today.

Application of augmented reality in Landscape Construction (AR Landscaping), designers construct mini landscape, fish tanks, southern islands … Instead of sitting, drawing on the overall perspective, in the traditional way for guests to see, edit .. execute, Just an augmented reality application can simplify this by putting the existing models into the test and with landscape design without experts. Normally, or the landlord can do it very well. You can also put furniture into your apartment to see what it looks like. You can test out objects, scenery, and anything outside before building.

Virtual reality project in military, police:

Meet new training trends to replace the old method that can save money. High efficiency, feasible deployment for operations, special operations in specific industries such as military, police, security. Virtual reality projects and 3D simulation are technologies selected as an indispensable trend in current technology and some countries have applied successfully unexpectedly.

Huấn luyện chiến sỹ

Virtual reality and simulations serve in training soldier, profession and combat very effectively

Applying new technology is one of the good solutions to partly overcome the above limitations, which is great for those who train and train soldiers. Exercises with machines, equipment, or high-risk, large complexity, difficult to set up the actual scene. 3D simulation technology and VR and AR virtual reality will be a great choice to overcome this situation, creating an ideal practice environment.

Some ways to apply virtual reality projects to the military, police and security are as follows:

Apply virtual reality to learning, practical training on dangerous operations such as demolition and demolition, operation of expensive military equipment, combat training exercises, and logistics operating and maintaining military equipment.

The articles co-ordinate many people that the practical conditions are difficult to deploy in complex battlefields, such as practicing in complicated war environment, bombs, fires, explosives, in the chemical, radioactive environment …

VR cho huấn luyện

Police skills training, combat training with VR – Virtual Reality and augmented reality – AR

Some Virtual Reality projects focus on skills such as banking, retail, tourism, personal skills, or even virtual reality projects for the health sector. They help learners to practice, maximum experience brings the highest efficiency, it even helps patients recover memory quickly thanks to VR technology and simulation in virtual reality projects for medical .

The best virtual reality company.

Currently, companies specializing in simulation and virtual reality in Vietnam are very few and especially units with expertise, ability, practical experience to implement virtual reality projects are the only ones. VRTECH.COM.VN. Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company is a unit that has been implementing virtual reality projects for domestic and foreign companies in different fields.

VRTECH.COM.VN is the oldest professional solution consulting, content development and virtual reality development scenario in Vietnam as well as in the region. projects for many large partners, research and teaching units at home and abroad.

Please contact 84926809286 or email: for further advice on your project.

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