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19 December, 2019
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20 December, 2019

Game VR for more engaging events

Game vr or virtual reality game is becoming more and more popular because of its explosive nature and attraction. The development of hardware devices such as VR glasses manufacturers. The surrounding ecosystems serve the community of players. Game Vr markets, communities like oculus, htc, asus, microsoft, magic leap or other technology brands.

Gamevr tại sự kiện của APAX

Game vr at APAX events provided by VRTECH JSC

Now from  it is tied to the concept of wearing VR glasses for gaming. Currently, there are similar concepts and genres, such as: Augmented reality game – game AR; interactive non-touch virtual game – game kinect; integrated virtual reality games – MR …

Game VR catering to the event is a new trend.

Attracting a lot of people with new technology, that’s the key factor. Agencies have applied to bring virtual reality games to events. With normal games, it is for players, but with game VR, players will be adventurous and immersed in the virtual world. A separation from the real world completely, that is the ring point. Game vr players will be living in a virtual world, also known as virtual living, a trend of today’s young people. The emergence of crowded places, and attracting them and then many people interact with their brands, products, and services that are the desired destination of the event organizers, brands. .

Sự kiện của bảo hiểm MB sử dụng trò chơi thực tế ảo của VRTECH JSC

Events of MB Insurance uses VRTECH JSC’s virtual reality games

Factors that make game vr more popular and more people like to play

Firstly, vr glass equipment is becoming more and more popular in types and prices. Simple virtual reality games for beginners to experience on cardboard glasses cost only a few hundred thousand to the average type of glasses costing more than 1 million to under 10 million. More advanced types of VR glasses cost over 10 million and up to tens of millions. There are even types of mixed reality VR glasses costing nearly hundred million dong for high-end customers.

Triển lãm oto của vinfast dùng GamVR thực tế ảo để thu hút khách

Vinfast’s car exhibition uses game vr – virtual reality game to attract visitors

The second is because the game content vr is increasing in number and content topics for free choice. The vr stores are getting more and more content, attracting content makers to join, the games available on the market have both free and paid games (sold). VR developers, vr companies, and big vr hardware vendors like oculus and htc, asus ..

The third is the development of media channels and social networks quickly, making many people know, like and want to try it out.

The current popular game VR categories

Currently, virtual reality game players are said to follow the current social trends. Game content and themes also develop and build upon that.

GameVR đua xe F1 hấp dẫn nhất

Game VR F1 racing most attractive

Typically, high-action games like fighting, shooting, destroying targets, fighting competitions.

In addition, another trend is the game VR for experience, challenge yourself to explore nature. Adventure games such as skating, climbing, skiing, jumping, parachuting, flying, ghosts or beasts, monster dinosaurs …

Types of science fiction experience games or for exploring scientific and artistic topics such as adventure games in the universe, discovering scientific works, natural phenomena or other painting and practice games

Virtual reality game simulates sports games, competitions, or real life games but is difficult to do …

Development trends in the future:

Game development in general, gamevr in particular, is currently having a new orientation to serve different entertainment needs.

Types of virtual reality games for pure personal entertainment, playing, relaxing in free time, stress.

Types of games VR specialized for stores. Game business centers at game shops, entertainment centers.

Next is the category of virtual reality games that follow the orders of the business: the content, context, the object of the game must be based on a desired business scenario. Often these games often serve the following purposes:

Các game thực tế ảo không chạm hay còn gọi là game kinect

Virtual reality games do not touch, also known as game kinect

  • Serve media events for a specific company, brand, product or service, so they’ll ask to follow that scenario. The end product is both entertaining, both engaging and interactive, and communicates with their brand.
    For the purpose of playing and training: the content of the script as above, but the final product is both entertaining and practicing for a certain skill or profession.

Companies specializing in making game VR in Vietnam.

Companies specializing in making game in Vietnam.

Các sự kiện và phòng trải nghiệm luôn là Key để thu hút khách tham gia

Events and laboratories are always the Key to attract participants

Virtual reality games on orders or for uploading to vr stores for sale or free for a variety of manufacturer’s purposes. Currently in Vietnam there are some teams specializing in making virtual reality games. VR applications in areas such as virtual reality in real estate, tourism, sightseeing, training, etc.

VRTECH JSC is a leading company focusing on this technology. Game is a professional service array that has been implemented for many companies. The biggest events in Vietnam for nearly 4 years now, serving many big brands in the country and internationally.

VRrt jsc’s games and VR apps have all kinds of topics and categories. The most complex and difficult solutions to fulfill the requirements of customers, agencies.

Criteria of 1 game VR product that we make:

Mọi người chơi Game VR tại sự kiện

People play Games at the event

Đua xe băng game vr

People play Games at the event

VR là trào lưu mạnh mẽ nhất trong giải trí và game hiện nay

VR is the most powerful trend in entertainment and games today

Gamevr must eventually meet the script’s criteria (gameplay, graphics, play scripts …)

Products must be completed as scheduled by customers. Progress of graphic design, coding, testing, finishing and transferring

GameVR uses the right purpose, technological advantages, scripts, deployment to bring the most benefits.

Get advice on script ideas and make gameVR directly 84926809286 or refer to VRTECH … JSC

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