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19 December, 2019

Game Event, a new trend for event organizers to succeed.

The more media events, the more people are attracted to the game and interact as much as possible. Especially as guests and players interact with products, brands, logos, brands as much as possible, gamevr makes a best choice today.

Các game tương tác ảo đang là thể loại HOT nhất cho agency lựaa chọn

Virtual interactive games are the hottest genre for agencies to choose from

The traditional way to attract guests from event organizers

Usually the agency will use the following effects to attract visitors to their event:

Use eye-catching imagery, capturing the gaze of people around the area. Large and beautiful banners, decorative stage and stalls to stand out and impress ..
Use sound Engage people, such as large speakers, good music shows, …
Agency chose to create the attraction by the presence of celebrities such as singers, MCs, comedians, famous actors at the event.
Attract with new technologies, trendy, based on current trends of society.
Use game categories for events or technology gaming experiences
Combining advanced technology with event games, like event gaming using virtual reality technology.
And many other ways depend on the creativity of the organizers.

Các game sự kiện theo chủ đề riêng

The game event themed by each unit

The event game is a magnet to attract visitors and experience great products.

Event organizers are often the meeting place for ideas. Professionals will frame the content needed for an event required. Ideas must be relevant to customers’ products, services, and brands. Besides meeting the key requirements such as attractiveness, novelty, or the latest technology, for example. The event game is one of the top choices to attract the expected number of visitors. For example, in an exhibition of the same topic, the booths are decorated differently but also have their highlights. Now the more customers will visit, stay longer and interact, learn more products and services, the better. If there is a booth that makes a difference, decorating a small space for customers to play fun technology games such as gameVR or experience augmented reality for example. Certainly, it will have a great number of visitors.

Dùng gameVR để cho sự kiện thêm phần nổi bật và cuốn hút

Use gameVR to make the event more prominent and attractive

The current popular game types for agencies.

Traditional event games: Like folk games, mini challenge games, and self-paced mini games.

Connected event games: Serving many players, teambuilding style, coordination, purpose of increasing the cohesion of the community.

Campaign event games: running, jumping, cycling, playing sports, boxing game …

Games using the latest technology: Including all the games as above, but the way of playing is to use technology, not play the traditional way.

Đua xe tốc độ cao là thử thách cho trải nghiệm mới

Speed racing is the challenge for new experiences

The combination of traditional event games and the latest technology is a special one for choice agecy. Play games or experience content using virtual reality technology – GameVR and augmented reality games – GameAR

The best games for the event are virtual reality technology:

The game vr experience exploring nature, the universe, showing speed, skydiving aims to give guests the experience of new, immersive technology and to create the most excitement without action, just need VR glasses, appropriate event game content.
Interactive games, VR experiences like:

VR game racing: can race a motorbike or car with VR

VR skiing, boxing, playing sports … with virtual reality technology.

Players immerse in the main character to play exciting games themed events.

Sự kiện của VNpost ứng dụng gameVR cho trải nghiệm bưu tá đưa thư

VNpost’s event gameVR app for postman mail experience

Games experienced by augmented reality: Very suitable for nature, animals, natural phenomena and science. The purpose of exploring and experiencing with AR technology, events with children, very appropriate topics of discovery, called gamevr
Non-touch interactive games – game kinect: Virtual interactive games into space create their own interests and attractions. Like slashing fruits, playing soccer, playing with animals, virtual maneuvering have been used by recent events.

How to make games for the fastest event:

In order to have a game suitable for the event, we must examine the purpose, customer base, topic and interactivity to choose the most suitable event game. If the cost is less then choose the games available on the market, store. Specific topics, need to include their products, brands, logos, sologans to increase interactivity at the game, must be set as a separate game.

Sự kiện apollo cho trai nghiệm công nghệ gameVR và AR

Apollo event for GameVR and AR technology experience

Steps to make event games:

Step 1: Receive requests from customers, agencies (content, time, genre …)

Step 2: Choose a category that suits your requirements and is feasible to implement

Step 3: Design and programming – coding

Step 4: test and adjust the small details as desired

Step 5: Complete and hand over the game event products to customers

Step 6: support the installation, user manual, deployment of game events at the location.

Unit specializing in making professional event games in Vietnam.

There are now a few companies that can make gamevr and envent games, from traditional games, to the latest technology event categories, gameVR and gameAR, groups or freelancers can do it too. Some games are simple, but in order to meet the requirements of the customers or the functions of the agency’s ideas, it is necessary to have professional game companies, with long experience in the field of event games.

For several reasons: firstly, those units have long-term experience in making games, so the processing steps, working processes and products are very good.

Second: Many projects will have resources (data warehouse) to implement better projects.

Các điểm đến ưu thích tại sự kiện booth gameVR và gameARR

Preferred destinations at gameVR and gameARR event booths

Vietnam Virtual Reality Company is a unit specializing in making event game projects for companies. Major brands and brands domestically and internationally. With a team of skilled, professional and dedicated, always a reliable address for the big agencies. Businesses prefer regular choices.

The traditional event game or gameAR. GameVR always put the best product and satisfy customer requirements. Ideas need advice, or want to perfect your event game, or call 84926809286 immediately to be served.
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