Game kinect – AR virtual interactive game for today’s most attractive event

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24 December, 2019
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24 December, 2019

Game kinect – AR game (augmented reality game) is also called touchless virtual interactive game, which is a combination of image recognition, interaction sensing, location positioning and display content. Application for the array of events to increase interactivity, attractiveness and improve efficiency for attraction.

Game kinect được ứng dụng rộng rãi vì tính hấp dẫn và tiện lợi của nó

What are touch games and interactive games?

A kinect device is a type of sensor developed by Microsoft that captures user movement. From hand, foot, body movement and additional camera to record live playe

Đá bóng kinect thu hút người chơi và lượng tương tác rất tốt

The kinect soccer attracts players and the amount of interaction is very good 

Thanks to those two features, it is very convenient for developing interactive games or conversations between real space in 3D virtual space.

What are the components for a Game kinect set?

To complete the perfect game, you need at least one kinect sensor, a sufficiently powerful computer, a game display, or projector, led screen, camera and of course the game content and accessories are indispensable. other necessary conditions,

Các bộ phận cơ bản của bộ game Kinect - tương tác không chạm

The basic parts of the Kinect game series – interactive touch

Game kinect usually content it is written under a certain topic that suits the event. Target customers and especially in the game can bring brands, products, brands of customers into a highlight.

How to deploy game kinect and appropriate places:

Recently, interactive game genre has not been selected much because when players do not come in direct contact with devices, such as monitors, sensors … so the risk of failure will be much less. The game kinect is new and interactive into the space, so it is very attractive for players, especially the game content is written specifically for each event and object so customers are very interested and excited.

Chém hoa quả - game kinect cho sự kiện

Fruit slashing – game kinect for event

Currently, we have implemented many kinect games for corporate events, brands for exhibitions that attract and communicate effectively with that brand. Kinect game system has also been installed in entertainment centers, game business centers.

And now it is also installed in gymnasiums serving thematic activities such as exercise, stimulating movement with technology, experiencing challenges …

Kinect games are often used to deploy:

Attractive virtual motor interaction:

  • Like a fruit slashing game where players don’t need to touch the screen. Instead of swiping on the phone to play, now the player stands in front of a large screen, can swing into space to slash fruit on that screen without touching the screen.
  • Kicking the ball with kinect too: Players only need to stand a screen to shoot a ball on their screen by shooting at a certain position in the space we stand.
    Similarly, other advocacy games are also easy to deploy.

Experience augmented reality – AR games with Kinect devices:

Players can stand in a position to experience AR effects through kinect sensors, display images and content will be mixed together through augmented reality application on the computer and displayed via screen fit.

In addition to AR content experience, players can also interact with objects in the AR game through the positioning of sensors and programming of the corresponding content.

For example: Players experience and interact with animals, animals, trees, natural phenomena such as rain, thunder and lightning are very attractive.

Trends of new events and entertainment:

Currently, with the superiority of attractiveness, attractiveness, easy to cause WOW effects, agencies always believe in choosing kinect games to deploy, with relatively simple devices, less risk of failure, Content can be customized according to customer requirements. Experience AR and game kinect is gradually booming in recent times and easily encountered wherever you go.

Deploying professional game kinect:

With the implementation of real projects, for companies, big brands, or leading agencies in Vietnam and the region. We have provided installation of game kinect systems, production of game contents, AR games according to the requirements of the titles, or scenarios, specific context for each unit, brand.

With a team of experienced, we now design and install and produce content of virtual interactive AR game systems without having to import whole sets from abroad, Content is made according to user requirements. very flexible unlike foreign systems

In addition, we also advise to script the game with the ideas of the agency and the customer in the best way.

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