AR cards or AR Cards – augmented reality specifically for the event

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20 December, 2019
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AR card – Augmented reality or AR card (AR card)

The launch of Lotus Network marks a new development step for social networks in Vietnam, in which AR invitations are more popular in Vietnam for the first time. For many, this is the first time seeing the AR effect on invitation cards. But in fact, a long time ago, companies and brands used this technology to design AR cards, invitations, AR gift cards to serve the needs of innovation and impress the recipients. as well as for business purposes, AR app communication, marketing and brand promotion with the latest technology.

THiêp mời Thực tế ảo tăng cường AR Card của mạng xã hội lotus tạo nên ấn tượng cho khách mời

AR augmented reality or Lotus Social AR Card makes an impression on guests

AR Card learn English with 3D virtual reality

The 3D English learning cards or playing with animals using AR technology is a typical example and appeared at the earliest in the male, these AR cards are designed for teaching purposes, when putting AR applications on. will display 3D content, videos, effects to create interest and stimulate curiosity to explore with learners and players. AR cards are considered the beginning of AR technology in Vietnam. English language centers consider it as a teaching tool based on technological innovation, attracting and creating an innovation and enjoyment in teaching, as well as creating a WOW effect for their brand.

4D AR Book Coloring Book:

It actually still uses AR technology to apply to 4D coloring books for children and other entertainment fields, it was developed right in Vietnam and received the top attention of everyone. When contacting, using, in addition to traditional coloring features, it also adds features to identify and display 3D content, pronounce English .. to bring rich and diverse experiences for children and books. AR, newspaper AR, similar to 3D AR card so.

The first brand of AR-augmented reality in Vietnam is Kolorfun Book Series of Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company VRTECH.COM.VN

Cuốn Tranh tô màu Thực tế tăng cường 4D đầu tiên tại Việt nam

The first 4D Augmented Reality Coloring Book in VietnamVRTECH JSC Is the first unit to deploy this technology in Vietnam – ar book, and has cooperated and deployed for many partners, companies, large corporations in the country and internationally such as Japan, Korea, Germany …

AR business card or Name Card AR:

In the transaction business, to impress customers, people also use AR cards to show interesting content for the purpose of introducing company information, personal information, products, customers and other information. The message in it is through the display content of the contact card through the AR app, it can popup a video content, images, sound, 3D models, animation, effects …

Name card AR virtual reality is becoming a technology trend for businesses and individuals to show their customers and partners as impressively as possible, with the latest and the most fancy technology.

Especially those who work in technology or new technology products, when introduced, expressed by technology or in other words, using augmented reality technology to introduce technology products to customers. line

AR postcards for events or business:

Design AR postcards according to different topics, also known as 3D virtual reality cards, it will appeal to givers and recipients because the content contained in it is very rich, new and diverse, the card will treat media content, vivid, soft and good effects, attractive and persuasive, creating great WoW effects.

Design AR cards for business or gifts, gifts on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year cards with Augmented Reality

Một ứng dụng AR cho sự kiện ra mắt viện nghiên cứu của tập đoàn Phenikaa

n AR app for the launch event of Phenikaa’s research institute

Vietnam’s Phenikaa Group has also used this same technology to introduce their entire corporation, research institutes and universities through an AR app installed on IPAD, which changes the way from 1 the presenter in the traditional way to the way The guests will automatically learn all that information through using the application within about 5 minutes.

Promotional products with AR Card or Promotion

It can also be pictures, pictures, AR technology applications to show more vivid content, maybe promotional gift boxes AR BOX magazines, stories using AR app to show content, it’s not just a gift gifts, promotions that merely through contact, use, are able to spread the message, promote the brand, do media, marketing more, Based on new factors, spread fast and wide, easily accessible .

So AR technology has developed for AR cards, there are several types of AR cards.

AR cards, AR cards, or AR books have the following major implementations.

Developed as an AR APP application to install and use with the images, cards, cards as mentioned above, those AR applications can be placed on the appstore or Chplay, and everyone can download them for themselves. and use,

2 is it possible to build such an AR application on a website platform called Web AR to use via normal web mail links without installation, although the feature may be more limited when used. app.

3 is able to use the existing flat forms of big platforms like Facebook, snapchat …

Implementing AR is about realizing a new idea:

There are many options to deploy, so to implement an AR card project, AR card or any other ideas, it is necessary to rely on the scenario and requirements to choose the most suitable solution.

Currently in Vietnam there are few companies that can make a unique and complete AR product. and agency, and brands often place orders and deploy.

Do you want to make AR cards, AR book, AR pictures, books, AR learning cards … vivid, new and attractive, is a reliable address.

Ideas for making AR apps for AR Card or marketing, brand communication, events or tickets for technology events, conferences or shows.

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