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22 May, 2020
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30 June, 2020

Cheap games for events are a new way, many times more effective

To make the event more attractive and effective, agecy brands, brands or brands often use technology games to attract people.
Media events, promotions for a brand, a new product, programs at the central business district, supermarkets, fairs, or at exhibitions.
The current event game categories are divided into categories and groups depending on the idea, and the scenario for the event.

Cheap games in the teambuilding event:

Các thể loại game tập thể đơn giản là nguồn game giá rẻ cho các sự kiện teambuilding

The category game is simply a source of cheap games for teambuilding events

The agency organizes teambuilding events for companies, which will set up scripts for that event. One of the basic content is often included as a game for team building.

Depending on the motif and content frame, the program will offer suggestions and appropriate game boards. For example, if the event is oriented toward movement, teammates, traditional games, physical exercise, or group coordination can be used.

While there are discoverable events that rely on new technology to combine teamwork and activity, people can use AR games – augmented reality or a game application of a defining nature. location and search based on player location, treasure, items, discover in a style that combines technology and team action.

Cheap games for events, celebrations of organizations, companies or groups:

The organizers will give ideas for the event in detail, in accordance with customer ideas and requirements. Cheap games for this event must also fit into that general scenario. It’s possible to experience virtual reality games – gameVRs, or interactive games – interactive games, Or fun sports games like running, jumping, exploring, getting gifts, avoiding obstacles with VR / AR technology or interactive virtual game kinect, video sensor.

Game cho Hội chợ và trung tâm thương mại để hút khách đến theo từng chiến dịch

Games for fairs and trade centers to attract visitors to each campaign and event

Exhibitions and Fairs:

Along with a common space such as fairs and exhibitions about products, the booth that attracts more attention will have more customers interact, learn and buy their products.

It is better to promote the product introduction than other stores. The first thing to attract is that there is a need to make a difference that can attract visitors to pay attention and guide to their booth. The arrangement of a cheap Game with suitable content, with high attraction in technology, sound and light will be a highlight in the booth. In addition, the game content for players can also bring the products, brands, sologans of the manufacturer for players to interact to increase the spread of brands and products.

Game tạo điểm nhấn và giải trí là cách làm truyền thông thu hút khách đến các trung tâm thương mại

Game technology creates accents and entertainment is a way to attract visitors to the commercial center

Events and programs promoting new products:

Thông thường khi một sản phẩm của một thương hiệu mới người ta cần các đợt, chương trình truyền thông thương hiệu cho nó, các sự kiện giới thiệu sản phẩm mới thường được các đơn vi tổ chức xây dựng và chọn các địa điểm đông người qua lại để tiến hành.

Cheap games are an integral part of promoting products, they work to attract people, and interact with the product, thereby, can collect basic information of customers. .

Putting cheap games on events with the application of the latest technology is always the first choice.

Cheap game virtual reality technology – VR game
Cheap augmented reality game – AR game
Cheap interactive virtual games – virtual interactive game
Kinect interactive games, or motor games …
Interactive games with touch on the touch screen (touch)

The combination of technology and game content will determine its appeal to players, as well as the event’s success.

Cheap games for events Opening, sales.

In addition to the events on sales opening occasions that also need special highlights to attract and draw people in, Game technology for events is a top choice, as it is truly a in particular, for people to notice and suck there with the crowd effect.

Along with music, lion dance, and opening ceremonies, Game cheap events are also an important component in the opening ceremony, sales occasions of companies.

Các game giá rẻ tương tác ảo để quảng bá cho các nhãn hàng

Virtual interactive low-cost games to promote brands

Promotional events, communications.

Trade occasions for products to attract and increase interactivity with their products, even to promote sales and referrals. These campaigns can be deployed to serve media campaigns, strategic marketing for that brand and brand.

Consistency and ways of deploying game content are a crucial step for events to create a special attraction.

The company made cheap game event well today:

The evolution of VR / AR technology and non-touch interaction has created the most exciting game genres. Agencies, brands, and products can create compelling game scripts for their events. New technology helps their creative ideas virtually non-stop to have the best scenarios.

Cheap games are not new, but so far, they still use traditional games, less technological. In recent years, the latest technology games have been gradually replacing old and obsolete games.

VRTECH JSC is a pioneer in making event games with the latest technology serving many agencies and different brands such as:

Virtual reality game – VR game:

For players wearing VR glasses and immersed in 3D virtual space created very attractive and attractive.

Augmented reality game – AR game:

Let players enjoy the surprise of bringing and enhancing virtual characters and contexts into real space through specialized equipment.

Game công nghệ - Game VR- AR là lựa chọn hàng đầu

Game technology – Game VR-AR is the first choice

Virtual interactive game – virtual interactive game:

With motion sensors, it is possible to create interactive games that do not touch in unexpected ways, so attractive that it is unimaginable.

Tracing game based on location- location:

Allows to locate players, treasures, products, objects via satellite positioning, or identification markers.

Game cheap interactive directly on the screen:

Games need to interact, operate smoothly on large screens such as televisions, LEDs that are as sensitive as on smartphone screens. Those games need to integrate separate touch parts to make interacting on the big screen better.

Like card design games or photography games … games need to input information from touching the screen before playing.

Virtual social networking games – Virtual social networking games:

game mạng xã hội ảo vrvirtual social network game vr for online events

People participate in a virtual community, which can conduct activities and communicate with others in that virtual 3D context.

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