Simulation technology and the role of current VR technologies

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30 June, 2020
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What is simulation technology?

Hệ thống mô phỏng lái tàu phục vụ huấn luyện thủy thủ

Ship driving simulation system for sailor training

Simulation is the imitation of a real process or system over time. Simulations are used to describe and analyze the behavior of a system, drawing conclusions regarding the operating characteristics of real systems that are drawn according to realistic detailed scenarios of the real system. , to service utilities, with different user purposes on request.

Can simulate a phenomenon, an activity of an incident, a machine, or a sequence of operations, control, repair according to the available professional scenarios … Training courses, strategic practices, articles control combat …

Common simulation technologies:

Choosing the right genre method requires math problems for each specific project.

2D simulation and deployment methods:

Hệ thống mô phỏng sẽ giúp việc thực hành huấn luyện tốt hơn vì nó giảm phụ thuộc vào thiết bị thật

The simulation system will help make the training better because it reduces dependence on real equipment

Historically, simulation projects have often focused on simple 2D, from 2D images, 2D videos built, can be deployed through traditional channels to create a simulation system with for students to see, practice like on a computer, on the webstie platform, or on projector systems, specialized laboratories depending on the content.

3D simulation and deployment method:

The limitations of 2D technology become a barrier to development, it does not bring into full play the advantages of simulation systems. 3D Simulation technology is the next step, in fact, 3D technology has almost overcome the weaknesses of 2D simulation technology such as: hidden spots, hidden corners when re-simulating objects and machines. ,space. With 3D Technology, simulations, viewing angles and interactions are no longer restricted. Everything can be performed in 3-dimensional space and handled almost in any location position.

Huấn luyện phi công chiến đấu bằng buồng lái mô phỏng

Train combat pilots with simulated cockpit

From models, 3D space we can deploy the product under 3D video, or directly on its 3D environment. The combination of 3D space and virtual reality technology has made a breakthrough for 3D virtual reality simulation projects in terms of practice, interaction, manipulation that 2D systems cannot.

Simulation projects and simulation systems in the fields of life:

With the current technological development, the development of simulation systems becomes easier, with training, coaching and practical projects in many different fields in great demand.

3D simulation technology combined with VR virtual reality and augmented reality, MR mixed reality has met the best requirements that previous 2D simulation technology did not meet.

Huấn luyện binh sỹ, kỹ năng phối hợp tác chiến trên hệ thống mô phỏng thực tế ảo VR

Soldier training, combat coordination skills on a VR virtual system

Virtual reality simulation projects in training:

In training students, subjects of practice, such as biology, chemistry, physics, are subjects that need laboratories and tools, tools and chemicals to practice regularly. The costs incurred for practice are high and the level of safety for the practice is not met, leading to dangerous accidents. Or practical situations can not be diverse for students, the ability that students have access to, practice many times is not available.

Application of virtual reality simulations in education is the key to solving existing problems in practice, experience in education, cost savings, improving training quality, and reducing costs to maximize Multi-approach practice.

Virtual reality simulation project in career and service practice:

Một phòng Lab mô phỏng cho đào tạo thực hành

A simulated Lab room for practical training

In environments that require professional practice with insufficient tools, machines, limited practice space due to inaccessible practical conditions, or too high costs, such as cars, ships, oil and gas , aviation services, in hydropower, thermal power or high-tech production lines. In industries with hazardous environments such as in nuclear power …

Virtual reality simulation projects are currently the best technology solutions for training, practice to improve quality, and reduce costs, especially in line with current technology trends.

In professional training for soldiers and police officers:

Huần luyên tác chiến bằng hệ thống mô phỏng thực tế ảo 3D

Train operations with a virtual reality simulation system 3D

In the military field:

With the military field, soldiers and soldiers are trained and trained in a completely different way, so are the weapons, weapons, machines. But the problem is that they are not always enough for practice, especially the context, the environment needs to be more flexible for practicing those situations. Not to mention dangerous situations related to weapons and weapons, such as the practice of clearing bombs and mines, or in the dangerous, chemical environme

Mô phỏng điều khiển UAV

UAV control simulation

Expensive weapons and systems such as rockets, skins, tanks, artillery, warships, submarines, etc. are often inaccessible for practice. There is also the practice of coordinating exercises on combat between these units.

Training and commanding operations in diverse terrains and environments need to be practiced many times.

Building virtual reality simulation systems for various training tasks is essential

In police and security:

Just like in the military, the training, practice and professional skills need the best technologies and support environment to meet the needs, technology trends and bring certain effects.

In the field examination profession, in order for learners to understand the scenarios, situations and directions of investigation and problem solving, the need of 3D Virtual Reality Systems specifically for the industry. It diversifies practical tools, bringing certain effectiveness in supporting training with high technology.

Huấn luyện thực hành dựa vào nhiều tình huống mô phỏng thực tế

Practical training based on many realistic simulation situations

In operations that combine action, ambush, or rescue, it is also necessary to practice and practice proficiently for situations that occur, including unexpected occurrences. Skillful coordination and coordination skills will make the quality and the task completed better.

These simulation systems will be a tool to help improve learning quality and make it into the best situations.

Companies specializing in simulation:

At present, industries with specialized and specific products have practical simulation systems attached. For example, Boing’s aircraft cockpit simulation system, airbus for pilots to practice driving.

Drive simulation systems for battle tanks, or even a simulation lab for the submarine control team. In the field of ships, too.

Manufacturers’ systems almost meet only part of the training and practice needs. The rest of them are not supported simulation. The addition of missing simulation systems is a good job, necessary and urgent.

Currently the simulation companies are good and have major experience of product manufacturers and they are exclusively transferred. Therefore, the price is high and many limitations and barriers arise.

Phòng lab mô phỏng cho huấn luyện

Lab simulation for training

Vietnam currently has a few companies working on simulation. Companies that stop at traditional 2D simulation, some companies up to 3D simulation. But it is only technology applied on computer software, website or 3D video. Doing that helps the view to be better but Does not support interactive functions and practices, a lot of coordination.

VRTECH is a leader in the field of 3D virtual reality simulation

CônVietnam virtual reality simulation company has been at the forefront of applying VR virtual reality technology, augmented reality for specialized systems and solutions for learning, practice, interaction and experience. best today.

Dự án mô phỏng cho đào tạo nghề

Dự án mô phỏng cho đào tạo nghề

As the first unit to deploy VR solutions for simulation projects for domestic and international customers.

With a team of experienced technicians specializing in the field of virtual reality simulation first and long ago in Vietnam.

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