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30 June, 2020
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6 November, 2020
Virtual exhibition
During the time of the severe global Covid epidemic, the organization of traditional exhibitions was canceled. The virtual exhibition events for professions are targeted towards alternatives.
Xu hướng triển khai Triển lãm ảo thay thế triển lãm truyền thống

Digital exhibition implementation trend has replaced traditional exhibitions

With great demand to cater to different professions and fields are essential. Virtual exhibitions deployed on an online platform replace offline events that cannot take place. Customers can still visit, shop, which is a great thing. In addition it could be adding a new direction in parallel with the traditional organization.

New technology trends and objective conditions:

With the digital transformation trend, that is to digitize traditional jobs. The appearance of virtual museums and digital exhibitions will no longer be a new thing, but become more and more popular. New technology will solve existing problems for businesses and organizations so that they are more efficient and trendy.

Xây dựng không gian ảo cho các triển lãm số

Building virtual spaces for online digital exhibitions

Forms of Virtual Exhibition:
Toàn cảnh số hóaToàn cảnh số hóa Vr360 cho triển lãm ảo Vr360 cho triển lãm ảo

Vr360 digitized overview for online exhibition of the company headquarters building

  • Virtual exhibitions with booths are e-commerce websites:

This form is not new, but it is still an effective way in promoting, communicating and selling. The booths will be created according to themes, products according to the organizers’ ideas, products.

  • Virtual Exhibition with Virtual Reality 360:

The booths are built, decorated and programmed in virtual reality VR360 space. In essence, the booth is rendered from a 360 image and programmed to allow to cross, visit, view and add information, 2d and 3D images to allow viewing, limited interaction and purchases.

  • Exhibition with VR technology:

The technology used is 3D, which means the booths, items, and spaces are all 3D. Additional information can be Media, or information in other formats such as text, 2D, sound…. and viewers can travel, watch and interact by themselves in the 3D virtual space of each booth. Combining with virtual reality technology creates an implementation called Virtual Reality Exhibition. You can wear glasses and experience the space of that exhibition for yourself.

  • Không gian 3D của triển lãm

    3D space of the exhibition

  • Virtual exhibition with AR:

Also fully 3D spaces that can be augmented with cVirtual exhibition with AR: other media information. But it is deployed on mobile technology. This AR app can integrate AR technologies, mobile technology and electronic payment.

  • Virtual Exhibition With 3D website:
    With this way, the booths are also 3D but deployed on 3D web technology, allowing travel and interaction in that virtual space.

Essential technology platforms for Virtual Exhibition:

Essentially it was born to partially replace the way of communication, the basic functions are similar. The implementation needs to meet the basic needs of: An exhibition must have many exhibitors at the same time. The stalls can visit and shop. Digital exhibitions are easy to deploy by different topics and industries.

Nền tảng công nghệ tích hợp đủ chức năng cho Triển lãm số online

Integrated technology platform fully functional for online digital exhibitions

Exhibitions by Industries in which there are seminars and exchanges, it is crucial to support online seminar technology for Virtual Exhibition.

During the exhibition, viewers like to be able to order products and services, so they have to integrate payment and e-commerce into the Virtual Exhibition.

Visiting viewers and booths must also have two-way communication and exchange, so integration of chatbot, AI, is very necessary.

In addition, pure information technology such as storage systems, servers, and transmission lines must be available.

Steps to implement a virtual exhibition:

Implementing a virtual exhibition needs to be based on background information, size, purpose, industry group, and time of the exhibition. From there to take appropriate and accurate steps ..

Survey the regulation, purpose, products, services, implementation time
Make a plan on technology, platform, deployment method
Review and adjust plan.
Finalize plan, scenario, technology ..
Carry out the deployment of infrastructure, detailed content of the booths
Operate and maintain the exhibition according to the given scenario and time

  • Phòng hội thảo ảo trực tuyến cho Hội nghị và triển lãm online

    Online virtual conference room for online conferences and exhibitions

Virtual deployment campany:

Choosing which unit to undertake the planning and implementation of Virtual Exhibitions determines the success of the event. The first must have an understanding of the system and how these exhibitions are organized. The second must understand the actual exhibition event organization process. And especially the accompanying technologies for the exhibitions.
Triển khai Triển lãm số các gian hàng với platform đa nền tảng

Deploy digital exhibition booths with multi-platform platforms

In fact, the current market has only begun to pay attention in Vietnam. But many countries around the world have deployed and prepared plat forms almost complete the features for the organization of virtual exhibitions.

The plat forms will be highly uniform and complete, for quick deployment, and far more feasible than manual construction as some places do.

Contact to deploy virtual booth:

Vietnam Virtual Reality Company is a pioneer in consulting, designing and implementing virtual exhibitions with different technologies such as 2D, 3D, 360 virtual reality, VR virtual reality, Augmented reality … will help create attractive booths, with the right purposes and scenarios of organizations and associations.

Phòng họp ảo _Vitual Metting room

Virtual Meeting room Virtual Meeting room

Besides, we also own perfect platforms for virtual exhibitions, virtual conferences for all different industries in society.

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