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Virtual interaction technology:

Interactions with objects can be touched directly or not. Through content display devices such as screens, projectors, 3D space. Specialized devices for content display such as VR virtual reality systems, AR augmented reality, MR mixed reality with the help of special sensors. It can also bring real people into virtual worlds (space and 3D objects) or bring those virtual objects to real space for interaction.

Why virtual interaction is a technology trend:

When it comes to interactions people often think of real people, real objects, real objects. Things in the imagination are not possible, for example, controlling a character on the screen, or in three-dimensional space .. those impossible desires stimulate and make people excited, very eager to work. that work. Therefore, virtual interactive technology was born to meet the needs and trends of life in many different fields.

VR is the virtual interaction technology between players and the virtual world

VR is the virtual interaction technology between players and the virtual world

A person does not need to touch a device to interact with objects.

Players can immerse themselves in the virtual space to travel and interact with the objects in it.

Virtual interactive technology is really attractive in entertainment, games, technology shows, magic, art …

Potential and opportunity when applying virtual interaction technology to reality:

Currently, new virtual interactive technology is really starting to apply more, first to say virtual interactive games.

Virtual interactive games also have many different species for entertainment purposes. Serving business in the game center. Types of games for events to attract, sometimes it is used in educational and experience projects.

Mixed reality is also a kind of virtual manipulation with user applications

Mixed reality is also a kind of virtual manipulation with user applications

Virtual interactive applications for technological events

Virtual solutions and content for research, training and training.

And there are virtual interactive systems in the field of sports such as virtual golf gym, virtual kick

The most typical or deployed virtual interaction types:

In Vietnam today also access the most advanced game technology of the world very quickly. Technology and social network development entail technological trends as well as unlimited viral integration.

+ Virtual interaction takes real people into that virtual space:

for example, VR technology is through VR devices to bring real people into a 3D virtual space to manipulate in it – such operations, interactions are called virtual interactions in real technology virtual.

Players wear VR glasses to enter a shooter space, where players can walk, shoot, interact freely in that virtual environment as comfortably as in the real environment.

Đắm chìm trong Không gian ảo với game VR

Immerse yourself in Virtual Space with VR games

 Bring virtual objects to real space:

by technology, equipment Augmented reality: It is essentially bringing virtual objects to the real space to handle according to the desired scenario.

Pokemon game is to take those objects to locations in outer space for people to find and catch, collect them. Ikea offers virtual furniture (3D digitized real models) so that people can experience it in real space ..

AR app là đưa đối tượng ảo ra không gian thật

AR app is bringing virtual objects to real space

+ The two real worlds and the separate virtual world that can interact with each other:

Sensory devices such as kinect, leap motion, infrared cameras, 3D cameras, motion capture devices will support the connection between, The real world is a player in real space, and the virtual world is the Background. virtual, 3D environment on the screen, on the dedicated projector … those devices act as an intermediary connecting the real and virtual worlds.

Game kinect với tương tác không chạm

Game kinect with touch interaction

+ Hệ thống chiếu tương tác:

in fact it also belongs to the same category as above, with content displayed through the projector, cameras, sensors that capture the position and actions of the player to have appropriate interactions according to the scenario. do.

+ 3D interactive:  

In fact, this is the display of content and interaction directly on the device’s touch screen, and the content will be customized to fit the intended, more attractive script.

3D interactive at a product showcase event with virtual interactive technology

3D interactive at a product showcase event with virtual interactive technology

+ Hologram: Currently there are popular genres as follows:
  • Through the holofan propeller to display its blocks, 3D content
    The projector converges the beam to display 3D content as above
    But now common in events is holograms with large transparent projectors: Actually this is not displaying 3D content as expected but fake 3D, through large transparent projectors, affact 2D effects , lighting, which projects 2D content but is vivid and compelling that viewers mistakenly think is 3D.
Hologram cho quảng bá sản phẩm

Hologram for product promotion with 3D visual effects and images

Hologram trình chiếu tại cá Sân khấu sự kiện

Hologram trình chiếu tại cá Sân khấu sự kiện lớn hiện nay

Components to bridge into a virtual interactive system:

Often an interactive system is deployed, with the following main parts

+ Hardware: including sensor, control, computer, display, projector …

+ Content: context, virtual objects needed and scripts for players to build

+ System integration and solution: the connection of hardware equipment, integration into a complete system, as well as building and putting such content into a complete system, which is called the integrated part. .

So to deploy a system we have to have good solutions, then the right equipment and good content.

The company specializes in virtual interaction ?:

With many years of operation with a team of practical experience, Vietnam virtual reality company. VRTECH JSC has provided the latest solutions for entertainment centers, major events in the country both in terms of equipment, and created rich content, pleasing event organizers, investor .

Ready to transfer virtual interactive solutions and technologies, new VR and AR technology solutions, interactive projection to the units in need. For any questions or assistance, Please contact 0926809286 or visit  VRTECH.COM.VN

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