3D showroom and sample experience with 3D virtual reality technology
23 April, 2020
Virtual interactive technology for exciting game events
22 May, 2020
3D design is becoming increasingly popular and the demand is increasing rapidly. Many industries are needed to apply for their purposes such as education, training, practice, in film, advertising, or in museums, real estate, architecture, games …

3D design is a technique of building a real object into a 3D digitized version (3D mode), which is done based on technical manipulations on specialized graphics software of computers such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender, SketchUp, SolidWorks, DX Studio … so can also be called 3D Modeling, those 3D models will provide realistic views and images for viewers to feel more clearly about objects. That’s what I want to show. It is an important job to capture the clear, detailed view of a product, object, or a space (object).

Thiết kế các nhân vật 3D dùng cho game , phim ảnh, quảng cáo ...

3D design for games, movies, advertising …

Các dự án cũng cần dựng 3D phối cảnh để giới thiệu về chức năng

Projects also need to build a 3D perspective to showcase the project’s superiority through functional simulations

Examples of 3D design and its necessity?

A furniture that only looks through 2D images has only one direct view that the 2D designer renders, with lighting, fixed colors.

If that furniture is designed to be 3D, then let others see it, experience it from many different perspectives like front, back, top, left, tilt, near and far .. even when we choose The new technology can change the color, size, test it in real or interactive space, touch, move it in real space.

Chuyên thiết kế 3D cho nội thất

Specialized in designing 3D for interiors for experience and communicationThus 3D is a superiority in applications, demos, and interactive experiences much more than 2D.

3D rendering steps for a product:

In order to have a good 3D DESIGN – 3D MODEL BUILDING, we must have the most complete and appropriate preparation steps.

Prepare documentation of the sample product, possibly photos, videos, or other information, specifications and requirements about it for the designer to capture.
Understand the basic requirements, the purpose of the 3D model to prepare the necessary support resources and tools.
Choose 3D construction software that meets the above practical requirements
Proceed to build a 3D model.
Optimize the grid for that model to meet the product requirements
Making texture materials for the product to have the desired color, gloss, etc.

Such steps must be grasped by the designer in order to apply them into the right workflow, shortening the time to improve work efficiency.

3D perspective for blueprints:

Typically, the design of single 3D objects is to serve a certain project, and often 3 projects will require many different 3D objects and models to create a 3D environment. For example, a 3D apartment is a combination, arranged from many 3d models together such as tables, chairs, televisions, refrigerators, teapots, walls, utensils. The arrangement and arrangement of those individual objects into a common 3D space is a reasonable, beautiful and attractive 3D Apartment. Plus the light, warmth … we call it 3D perspective.

Một Góc dựng phối cảnh 3D cho dự án bất động sản lớn

A 3D perspective for a large real estate project

Making good perspective will bring a design – beautiful 3D environment and content.

What to do when there are 3D models.

The design is to meet the needs of the customer problem or we need to use. The purposes of designing and Building 3D models are different:

Can be used for 3D game development: although additional animation needs to be provided for the characters. Environment such as sound, light … necessary to put into programming the perfect 3D game product as you like.

It is also possible to deploy for sightseeing, experience and advertising of products and apartments for real estate projects. Model house with new technologies such as VR, AR, VR360, interactive 3d, web 3d …

Dựng 3D cho nội thất căn phòng mẫu và lập trình tương tác trải nghiệm

3D rendering of model room interiors and interactive programming experiences with VR / AR

Can be used to programmatically allow practice and teaching in vocational training. Practice skills, tactics or reinforce knowledge …

It is possible to create training environments for easy practice that in reality are difficult to access or that the funding is too high and complicated, such as in the military, machinery, and atom …

Also in movie entertainment, from 3D model materials can be combined with other technologies and techniques to make 3D movies.

The 3D services we are providing to customers:

– 3D design exterior and interior perspective for real estate, resort, condotel projects ..

– 3D perspective design, for construction projects

– Design planning perspective, simulate project functions and utilities with interactive technologies such as vr, ar, interactive.

– Character design, perspective making annimation for content, story

– Complete 3D animation, TVC 3C for training, advertising …

– Deploying training and entertainment systems with 3D virtual reality and augmented reality technology with 3D simulation content built above.

 DỰNG MÔ HÌNH 3D sau khi dựng xong sẽ lập trình và xử lý cho việc trải nghiệm

ESTABLISHING 3D MODELS after construction will be programmed and processed for customer experience

Steps in the 3D design process:

Step 1: Talk to customers about ideas, requirements, goals and advice for customers

Step 2: Sign the implementation contract for the consulted scenario as well as finalize the content scenario idea

Step 3: Making plans, conducting work

Step 4: Combine exchange and correction of products and solutions

Step 5: Acceptance and delivery of products, deployment of products.

Step 6: Advice on operation, maintenance, upgrading products and solutions

Perspective 3D design unit, best implementation for projects of vrtech.com.vn

With a team of 3D design staff, animators, professional perspective

– Many years of experience working in the field of Graphic design and implementation of 3D projects, 3d videos. Virtual reality, the earliest augmented reality for businesses.

– Always complete and deliver the product on time, prestige

– Team up unique ideas, creativity, programming and intensive integration

– Support and customer care fast, accurate and continuous 24/7

– ready to train and transfer processes and technologies for partners to develop and operate by themselves.

 DỰNG MÔ HÌNH 3D sau khi dựng xong sẽ lập trình và xử lý cho việc trải nghiệm

ESTABLISHING 3D MODELS after construction will be programmed and processed for experience

All questions need advice on 3D perspective design, 3D practice simulation projects or implementation of the latest 3D virtual reality and VR practice rooms. Please contact the hotline 09268.09286 or email: info@vrtech.com.vn for inquiries.

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