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25 March, 2020
27 April, 2020

3D showroom and 3D technology for sample product experience.

In industries, the production of quality products is associated with sales as well as support for sales teams that are sale, marketing, buyer support …

Trưng bày nội thất thờ cúng cho tham quan

Interior display, temple temple location dic area for sightseeing experience

Companies now pay less attention to support, product introduction (marketing and communication). In recent years, showrooms have been increasingly invested by companies. It is an official channel of the company to introduce its products and services to customers. Help buyers reach, experience, try the most honest products before buying.

Opening showrooms takes a lot of time, money and time. The only funding to maintain the showroom system is not small for the showroom system. The more technology is developed, the more people need the facilities, and the less time it takes to get to and from such live showrooms. That is the trend and rhythm of the present time.

3D technology and virtualization are a great solution to overcome this situation and help businesses to take advantage of technology to bring the best efficiency.

How is the 3D showroom built?

Currently, companies have the following showroom development directions:

Building realistic Showrooms: This works but is expensive as we said above.
Building showrooms with new technologies: VR360 technology, 3D technology, virtualization technology, digitization combined with new technologies such as 3D website, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, mobile applications.

Viglacera. xây dựng phòng trưng bày ảo vr360 cho khách xem sản phẩm

Viglacera. building a virtual showroom vr360 for customers to see the product

In fact, when building technology showrooms and deploying them today, they are often in the form of 360 Experience, essentially using scanners, scanning the space of a real room, floor, showroom points (by 360 photography technology or scanning 360) and put it on a website or mobile application into a virtual tour for visitors, and experience the products and display points themselves. It also gives customers a visualization and a view of the product information as an account.

In order to advance a new level of product experience for customers, people can use real 3D technology and 3D scanning rather than 360 (Just 360 photos) as common today.

People are equating the concept of 360 and 3D as well as misunderstanding about Vr360 is also VR and AR

Showroom 3D là môt phòng t

What is 3D showroom, how many popular types can be deployed today:

display by technology, from the panoramic view to the details of the room which are erected by 3D models (can be 3D scanned or 3D erected) used as input materials for exhibitions and exhibitions through assistive technologies support users such as 3D website, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual interaction technology, mobile software application technology, etc.

Khu triển lãm nội thất đã số hóa vr360 và 3D

Furniture exhibition area has been digitized vr360 and 3D for virtual showroom 

3D showrooms must be combined with attractive and convenient technology solutions, but it must be effective for the project to prevail over the construction of actual rooms.

The current popular categories are as follows:

  • 3D showroom deployed on 3D web platform: The sample room is designed and built into 3D room and deployed on the web, from which customers can access anytime and anywhere for the experience of product selection.
    Virtual reality 3D showroom: 3D space is also designed and built on demand, into 3D virtual spaces combined with VR virtual reality technology for visitors to choose through virtual reality VR such as VR glasses, computers, control ..
    It is also possible to deploy from those 3D designs on mobile devices via the app, customers can install the app and use it normally with augmented reality.
    In addition to the above, the 3D design model can also be deployed on interactive devices such as interactive displays, wall posts. …
Các công ty rất quan tâm, và chú trọng đến công nghệ 3D và ảo hóa showroom

Companies are very interested, and focus on 3D technology and showroom virtualization

Currently the most popular companies and brands are using 360 showroom (using 360 photos) for sightseeing, but also for 3D showrom. It limits the ability to interact with the product, which only serves the best viewability.

Fields should apply 3D technology showroom deployment.

  • Furniture companies: Sample rooms and sample products can be put into the space for guests to access anytime, anywhere, view the shape, size, color information and even try it first. , thereby promoting better sales and promoting brands and products more effectively, while reducing costs.
    Companies of construction equipment: The samples of equipment will be more intuitive, clearer, the buyer wants to understand more about the product, thereby making a choice and closing the application.
    Specializing in sports equipment: Sports equipment and accessories can become a full showroom, details for customers to choose to watch, order onlne
    Companies have products that need to be experienced by customers: Many companies make it difficult for customers to see products directly, or try them directly, they are complex, and costly, thanks to our new technology. can simplify this part but the effect and effect are very high, especially products in beauty technology, cosmetics and fashion
    Decorative paint companies: All types and colors can be tried first, are sufficient, convenient and plentiful, excite buyers, and help them choose the right ones, through practical technology Virtual and augmented reality.

Specialized in making 3D showroom with the latest technology.

The construction of showrooms aims to innovate technology and to dominate with competitors and even save maximum cost and bring the best efficiency. Choosing the right technology for the purpose and orientation of the business is at the core of the matter.

As focusing only view can use 360 technology and towards deeper experience, more interaction, you can use 3D technology, VR, augmented reality or 3D web .. depends on the requirements and advice level as well as the implementation of the technology enterprise as well as the customers.

Choosing the right criteria, the right purpose and within the financial affordability is a complete solution for businesses in need, as well as showing the level of the project implementation unit.

Không gian trưng bày ảo, dựa vào phòng mẫu có sẵn

Virtual display space, based on available sample room for product experience

VRtech’s strengths are 3D digitization technology, 3D simulation, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, and 3D website, as well as specialized information technology knowledge. We will consult and deploy the best 3D showrooms, attractive and the most reasonable cost according to the rigorous requirements of businesses both at home and abroad.

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