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18 January, 2020
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20 January, 2020

Interactive wall is a novel technology game for events, exhibitions and shows or interesting media programs. A choice that agencies and companies love when making events.

What is an interactive wall:

Often we are only interested in the effects, functions, and prices of an interactive product without considering what it includes. In this article we will introduce the composition, and the main components that make up a complete interactive wall.

Tường tương tác tại sự kiện của apollo english

The interactive wall at the apollo english event is very appealing to young children attending

How to do interactive wall:

The first is the interactive picture, or the wall that displays the content and tasks on it. Usually they are made of a simple steel frame inside, followed by paneling of industrial wood panels to form a flat wall, wooden panels of sufficient strength, but easy to install and dismantle. Next is the wall surface decoration. For interactive walls, the surface of the wall is both decorative and printed content that will display according to the event scenarios.

Usually they are printed on decal paper and cockroach on the surface of wood has tiles, there are some cases it will be printed with canvas of suitable colors.

Projector content onto the Interactive Wall

Projectors usually have several different options, depending on the need to use the content to display as well as the source of cost available for this. In other words, how much the budget will design the quality according to that framework. The projector for an interactive wall is usually a projector with a large transparency> = 10,000 Lumen

may chieu cho tường tương tác

Projectors for interactive walls often have large and dedicated spools

If it costs less then use a large transparent projector, If the cost is higher then use a large transparent projector with ultra-close projection technology to limit obscure points when the player appears in front of the wall, and the quality of the interior Using interactive walls is much better.

The sensor catches interact when the player interacts with the wall

In fact, different companies may use different interactive capture and touchpoint technologies. But there are some basic concrete ways as follows:

Capture fixed interaction points with boards, dedicated switches affixed inside the surface layer of the wall, at certain points. Ie at the touch points that need to attach the appropriate switches to identify when touched and impact the future to take action of the player to display the corresponding content on the wall.

The second way is to use the infrared sensor camera to capture such actions (specialized cameras for integration and programming).

Use built-in sensors or conventional cameras to handle this interaction, often using image recognition programming to identify the touch point.

Một loại tường tương tác tại sự kiện

An interactive wall type suitable for various events

Touch frames can also be used to make interactive play.

Or use projectors with built-in interactive sensors

Computers and connections form the complete interactive wall:

To connect everything together, each interactive wall must have at least one computer with the proper configuration. The computer will connect the afternoon machines, sensors that recognize the player’s actions, containing the script content that we will show and show on the  wall.

There are also other devices such as, Speakers for audio, overlapping, extending …

Devices, computers, signal wires form a complete system for interactive wall to operate smoothly and easily.

What is the presentation content for an interactive wall?

Typically, the content on the interactive wall is projected on a meticulously built content package, each visual effect, the sound projected on the wall is one of the most attractive content ideas from the agency’s idea. , companies.

The content will be developed completely by a company specializing in 3D simulation content, 3D mapping or video mapping with corresponding content.

Whether or not to create beautiful content will depend on the unit as well as good work experience.

tương tác thu hút người chơi cho các sự kiện

Technology can make  more attracts at events

Part type of interactive wall:

Currently, the common types of interactive wall are such as, Use super projectors near large capacity if the cost is good, or use a large transparent projector but the projector is far from normal. In terms of sensors, it is possible to use hard sensors that are buttons and boards or regular cameras, specialized infrared sensor cameras.

The selection of this device must depend on the function, content, needs of customers as well as the cost they can spend to build the most appropriate Interactive Wall solution. The price to make an inteactive wall set ranges from less than VND 100 million to a billion.

The company specializes in making inteactive wall systems for events in Vietnam

Finding a reliable unit to make interactive wall, it should pay attention to the following points:

The technical team has enough work experience and has worked on this type of project

Can advise on the design of functions, content, scripts in line with customer ideas.

Can be on interactive wall products that must have prices consistent with customer requirements.

Products ensure functionality and feasibility when deploying an interactive wall outside the physical location.

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