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Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular in all fields, from real estate, games to tourism and media. So what is augmented reality and what is its application, we will learn in the following article.

Augmented Reality or AR

Augmented Reality or augmented reality technology is increasingly popular for use in many different industries. The phrase virtual reality technology is not too far away for many people. Virtual Reality allows users to step into a different world and experience in that world in the most realistic way.

Thực tế tăng cường AR Sẽ là xu hướng công nghệ ứng dụng hot nhất thời gian tới

Augmented reality AR will be the hottest application technology trend next time

Augmented reality allows to experience virtual objects in the real world

While augmented reality allows users to experience virtual elements right in the real environment, between real space with just a tablet or smartphone. That’s why augmented reality is used quite a lot, most typical can mention the technology used in the game Pokemon GO caused a fever a while ago.

Augmented Reality is also used in many areas such as real estate or resorts to help users experience true-to-life constructions.

Application of Augmented Reality  in reality:

Augmented reality or augmented reality technology, unlike virtual reality technology, still seems a strange term to many people, but is gradually becoming popular in application and development. Let’s look at some of the applications of this technology in specific areas.

Pokemon GO Virtual reality applications augmented AR into games and entertainment

Pokemon GO is perhaps the best-known application of augmented reality technology. Accordingly, thanks to GPS positioning technology, smartphone mobile devices can determine the location to place elements of the game such as pokemon, central station …

Users operate normally in the real environment, through the smartphone screen to search for virtual elements that appear. This game has for some time caused a fever when creating excitement for players with authentic experience, must operate and walk in many different spaces to complete the requirements given.

Trò chơi Pokemon GO là ứng dung AR nổi bật trong giải trí

Pokemon GO game is an outstanding AR application in entertainment

The Sampler – Converse ar pp 

Converse was one of the first shoe companies to use augmented reality technology for its customers. With this technology, Converse customers now no longer have to spend time trying on many different shoes to find the product they like.

The Sampler app allows users to try on a variety of shoes and get photos of shoes on their own desk in a few simple steps. The application also allows to save photos and share quite conveniently.

The application real estate projects Augmented reality for marketing

If you consider the industry that uses the most virtual reality technology to promote its products, it is certainly the real estate industry. That’s why big real estate giants in the world have used this technology to promote their villas or apartments. spacious and bring quite a lot of benefits to all industries. Thanks to this technology, advertising media campaigns are also more creative than using conventional video image methods.

Augmented reality applications in Dating Services

Dating is one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet. Every day millions of people search for their soul mates and talk to each other. This trend also turned it into a mobile application. With applications in this field extremely successful such as Badoo or Tinder. They are simple but effective so far in attracting users. However, augmented reality is a new experience in dating. You have every opportunity to use it excitedly and creatively to help people find each other and interact with each other in a new way with a much more real, more interesting feel.

 application in retail.

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) are proving their capabilities in all industries. It helps retailers perfect the actual store experience for their customers. They can create a virtual store, quickly repeat the layout with different shelves. Augmented reality applications in retail save time instead of spending time and money updating furniture or rearranging aisles. Retailers can create 3D models and send focus groups through simulation. Reasonable layout, optimization of the arrangement is the best way to attract AR /VR shoppers who can help with marketing, signage updates, new product launches, and more.

Thực tế tăng cường AR cho bán lẻ đột phá và đáp ứng nhu cầu người dùng

Augmented reality AR for breakthrough retail and meet user needs

Retailers can test their layout on multiple devices to best discover how customers respond to any changes they have planned. Thus, augmented reality application in retail is the optimal solution for businesses. It helps businesses save time, optimizing order placement. AR helps customers to experience products more easily and conveniently. Through communication will help businesses understand and serve customers better. It is the key to helping retailers break through and outrun competitors

Augmented reality for Travel 4.0

The application of virtual reality in tourism is a new breakthrough, attracting tourists’ attention to tourist destinations of localities. Virtual reality technology will maximize that attraction, creating so the impression, the lust to a place that they do not have conditions or are in the process of referencing them. Virtual tourism or virtual reality tourism is a new step for the tourism industry. It is an opportunity to advertise and communicate in a new way in accordance with the current development trend. to promote “Travel 4.0”


Du lịch trải nghiệm AR - Công nghệ để Tiến thẳng lên Dulichj 4.0

Travel AR Experience – Technology to Move Forward Dulichj 4.0

Vocational training 4.0 with Augmented Reality

Innovating vocational training with VR  and AR . Instead of these movements, lectures that have so far been communicated by traditional methods, cumbersome, inefficient craftsmanship will be replaced by new lessons that are receptive, highly effective with 3D technology, Virtual reality technology and augmented reality. Driving training, pilots, ships … will also benefit with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Learners are practicing on a 3D digital environment, like the real thing, but the content is richer, the situations are more diverse and can be practiced many times, easily accessible. Thus, the implementation cost will be reduced, dangerous, and highly effective, which is a new way and new direction suitable to the development of technology.

Virtual reality helps companies and production line factories have a tool to train workers to precisely manipulate the working environment at their location, reduce training time, increase labor productivity. It allows workers unlimited access anywhere, anytime so it is convenient for users. Even augmented reality helps to train traffic skills, practice skills such as singing and dancing, using tools and musical instruments. In vocational training, such as repairing, removing installing engines, electrical components, or chassis of cars, machines, and other industrial chain modules.

Using augmented reality most effectively

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