Digitizing and digital museums are the new trend for Museum 4.0

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25 December, 2019
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“Digitizing the museum Innovation methods, display to attract visitors from offline, online. Promoting attraction, creating advantages of oil leading, convenient for management, experience, conservation and restoration. With digital technologies, website3D, mobile, VR / AR on the internet, the latest technologies suitable for IoT era, connecting anytime, anywhere for everyone. True to the nature of Industry 4.0 “

Digitization is the inevitable trend.

The conversion from traditional to digital museum is a step towards a revolution in the industry in general and relics and antiques in particular. Museums 4.0 are becoming more and more attractive, closer to the public, to achieve this result, both the world and Vietnam have made significant changes to adapt to the general development trend, especially in the period of information technology has developed strongly and as nowadays.

Số hóa, ảo hóa là xu hướng của thời đại công nghệ mới

Digitization and virtualization are the trends of the new technology era

Promote the application of technology in digitizing and displaying. Attract visitors

Dr. Chantal Eschenfelder, Director of Education and Communication of the Staedel Museum.Frankfurt (Germany) said that with limited space and space, while increasing demand for visitors, the best option for a museum is to expand the exhibition space in digital form. From there, the collections will come closer to the people, including those that are rarely displayed.

Staedel.Frankfurt Museum has digitizing nearly 25,000 artifacts, built over 100 digital films broadcast on social networks, attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, followed …

Thanks to these modern applications, the number of people visiting and researching here has reached over 1 million people / year, more than 2 times higher than when using the traditional method only.

Malacca Institute (Malaysia) has a network of more than 24 museums, 12 rooms and is displaying over 26,000 artifacts.
To attract visitors, they use lookup technology on each artifact so that the public can look up information quickly and easily, anywhere, at any time.

Số hóa hiện vật, di tích là khởi đầu đột phá trong 4.0

Digitizing artifacts and monuments is a breakthrough start in 4.0

They also actively introduce information, activities on websites and social networks Facebook; building mobile applications, coordinating with large corporations to support the image digitization function and connecting cultural heritage here.

Digitizing museums and monuments in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the first digitization of relics and interactive 3D has been applied to introduce the special exhibition “Vietnam Buddhist Cultural Heritage” and “Vietnam Ancient Lamp” from 2013. This is also considered a breakthrough in the operation of the National Museum of Vietnamese History.

Regarding new technology or VR / AR, Master To Thi Thuy Lam, Head of Communication Department of Vietnam National Museum of History shared that he inherited the method of researching, building content, ideas and messages. of the museum combined with the technological features that museums around the world have developed.

They also apply the latest technologies that enable the building of more modern features and bold Vietnamese identity.

With the application of 3D technology here has initially completed the digitization of 14 national treasures. In the coming time, the Museum will continue to digitize other typical artifact groups in the direction of prioritizing 3D digitization of artifacts for thematic exhibitions, supplementing 3D digitized artifacts for permanent display.

Diversify activities from online museums to virtual museums

The application of science and technology to preserving and promoting the values of cultural heritage in general and artifacts in particular creates new opportunities in attracting tourists but also poses great challenges because of the need. Enjoy the increasing historical and cultural values of the public.

This is also what makes modern museums apart from applying technology but also interested in diversifying types, activities and services.

Professor-Dr. Christiana Haak, Deputy General Director of the National Museum of Berlin (Germany) shared, the system in Berlin plays an important role in social life as well as building urban space.

Đổi mới và áp dụng công nghệ số hóa giúp cho Bảo tàng Berlin hút lượng khách gấp đôi

Innovating and applying digitizing technology helps the Berlin digital museum to attract double the number of visitors

The National Museum of Berlin consists of a system of 15 museums with 3 research institutes with lots of artifacts and artifacts. Currently, the Museum organizes a lot of activities so it is supplemented with many new functions and services to serve the needs of customers such as building more areas to serve coffee, food, selling souvenirs, waiting. and exchange information …

This also means that the museum’s new management functions are also added alongside the old ones. Thanks to the diversification of activities, the museums in the system have welcomed 11.9 million visitors / year of which up to 2.87 million visitors stay in the city for a few days.

Prospects for digitizing museums in Vietnam

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a way of making future relics. Not only exhibits artifacts of the past, but includes the connection between the past and the modern, the interaction between artifacts and visitors.

The exhibits, education, sightseeing, seminars, performances … at the museum are held regularly, thematically, in association with the community, with the conservation and development of handicrafts and folk arts. space … In addition, communication activities, marketing, catering services, souvenir shops, … are also important residences.

Vietnam currently has 147 museums, including 36 museums of the ministry, with 83 in the provinces and cities and 4 in the management of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. To gain more successful museums such as the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, consistent with the trend of integration in the world. Vietnam has built a master plan for digital museum development from 2005-2020.

This plan aims to revise and upgrade existing museums in the direction that the museum is not only an artifical repository but also must be directed to the community and serve the community; developing the museum of science and technology and natural history; create a dynamic legal framework for the development of non-public museums. In the past 10 years, Vietnam has 24 non-public ones.

Số hóa là bươc đầu cho đổi mới bảo tàng

Digitizing is the first step for museum innovation

The latest technologies for attractive displays after digitizing:

3D website technology: helps create 3D museums on the website for sightseeing and experience.
Virtual reality VR technology: It is possible to create monuments (3D) for visitors with the latest VR technology.
Virtual Reality Technology Enhance AR: Create virtual applications, places, displays for visitors to access and visit by mobile devices.
Virtual reality technology VR360: helps viewers can refer to (view) to attract.

All this goes to online digital museums and online exhibitions.

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