Specializing in virtual reality systems, media, interaction and experience


Providing virtual reality systems , specialized virtual reality devices:
Lắp đăt các phòng game thực tế ảo, các phòng tương tác ảo, media mới nhất _vrtech

Installation of virtual reality game rooms, virtual interaction rooms, the latest vrtech media

Virtual reality systems must be most suitable for each business, each showroom, different locations. The virtual reality systems of the major vendors today often come in big packages. Includes hardware devices such as glasses, sensors, computers, connectivity and the accompanying platform to develop content. Along with the synchronized solution, the cost is also relatively larger, the warranty support is also included as an bundled package. VRTECH is distributing and transferring specialized virtual reality systems in all fields.

Virtual reality systems consist mainly of:

Virtual reality game system – VR game:

Phòng chơi game thực tế ảo, các thiết bị tương tác mới, tạo sự hấp dẫn cho khu giải trí _vrtech

Phòng chơi game thực tế ảo, các thiết bị tương tác mới, tạo sự hấp dẫn cho khu giải trí _vrtech

Serving gaming rooms, in public places, game rooms, large entertainment centers. It was an exciting new product for the gaming service business.

Installed at entertainment centers and centers for everyone

Virtual reality movie projection system (film 3D,6D, 9D room): Serve experience of movies and tourist attractions:

Phòng chiếu phim thực tế ảo 3D, phòng tương tác ảo, các phòng media công nghệ mới nhất

Virtual reality 3D movie theater, interactive virtual room, the latest technology media room

Virtual reality system for professional training (VR trainning): To serve the needs of professional training, training of tactical manipulations in soldiers, police, soldiers ..

Vocational training system and worker training: For teaching and practicing, in order to improve the quality, the workers will be more skilled when practiced more mature.

Providing virtual reality systems for Vocational training 4.0 Traning with VR AR _ vrtech

Virtual reality system for driving

Ship driving simulation system and ship repair training

Virtual reality systems that drive commercial and military aircraft

virtual reality simulation systems for professional training, airport operation.

Virtual reality systems for real estate: for real estate experience.

Tactical training, weapons use in the military …

Virtual reality systems for tourism:

Serving experience, visiting famous tourist destinations, destinations will be experienced by customers first. Travelers can choose, try to get an overview, then make a choice. It cannot replace direct travel, but it is an important channel to support users and visitors to attract and increase the number of real visitors.

One of the new forms of promotion, using VR and AR technology, as a media for local tourism.

Virtual reality system for museums and monuments:

It caters to museums and monuments to attract and promote as well as introduces a new way of exhibiting and visiting.

Virtual reality helps to display artifacts in the warehouse easily and conveniently

Digitization is the best way to preserve, store and reproduce most effectively.

Providing AR content systems for traditional rooms:

Technology room, media: helping to showcase, introduce and experience the latest user for guests to admire …

attract and create new and different with VR / AR technology and media

Specializing in providing interactive rooms, the latest projection technology room:

It is a combination of virtual reality systems and the latest unique technologies, making a difference for players. Diversify the way you show and arrange galleries, events,

Including creating the best, best VR content, new and relevant compliant devices.

Decorate the scene that best suits the theme of the event

In addition to Virtual Reality Technology, augmented reality technology is deployed on mobile devices.

Virtual reality content ,3D mapping technology, 3D projector, hologram make the event stand out, shimmer and more fanciful

Virtual reality content ,3D mapping technology, 3D projector, hologram make the event stand out, shimmer and more fanciful

3D interactive technology, sensor technology to recognize gestures and actions

Image recognition or projector mapping 3D technology, hologram, laser projection technology.

Interactive systems such as an interactive touchpad, interactive whiteboard create diversity for submission.

Các loại Bàn cảm ứng,có tương tác, Màn hình tương tác, Màn hình ghép, máy chiếu 3D mapping, Hologram

Types of touch tables, interactive, Interactive screens, Composite screens, 3D mapping projectors, Hologram

The power of technology makes the highlight and the difference of events, programs and projects. The combination of ingenuity and rationality will make the project easier to succeed.

Specializing in building virtual reality systems, the latest media technologies for businesses

In addition to providing available system solutions, such as virtual reality systems, multimedia systems. We vrtech also build the most appropriate solutions and systems for you. The functions used are similar to the foreign synchronous solutions, the cost is lower. Regardless of foreign solution, equipment, cheaper cost, easier upgrade and maintenance.

Virtual reality vocational training systems

fish manipulating complex technical practices …


Hệ thống thực tế ảo cho đào tạo nghề là bước tiến lên kỷ nguyên 4,0 cho ngành đào tạo

Providing virtual reality systems Virtual reality system for vocational training is a step up to the 4.0 era for the training sector

With the self-built system, it also facilitates content upgrades, new additions and operations, and is especially close to the required business.

Help businesses be more active and less dependent on other supply partners.

Specializing in providing virtual reality content, augmented reality for systems, devices

Virtual reality, multimedia, and interactive systems are not maximizing effectiveness when the content running on them is not suitable for actual needs. A virtual reality system will lose 50% of its effectiveness without proper content. The content building gets a little attention but it is an extremely important part. VRTECH is currently a pioneer in building virtual reality content, augmented reality to suit the needs and costs of the units:

From virtual reality content for education, to real estate, furniture, marketing and sales communications, or brand and brand promotion.

Providing virtual reality systems And In-depth content for professional training, vocational training, coaching …

In each field, we have complete solutions, fully deployed on all different platform devices such as.

Providing virtual reality systems On virtual reality systems (vr glasses): there is enough content for different types of glasses

Augmented reality (AR): ARKIT and ARCORE run on mobile devices and AR glasses.

Providing virtual reality systems On 3D website platforms and interactive devices such as tables, interactive tables ..

On the latest MR mixed reality headsets …

Technological innovation, innovative thinking and strategy of management

Technology era Vision managers are opportunities. New technology is a fulcrum to break through, stand out and be a game leader

VR 9D - virtual reality cinema room

VR 9D – virtual reality cinema room and Providing virtual reality systems

It also confirms the strategic thinking of the leader in a new age, new needs.

You are the organizer of technological events that want to innovate to meet customer needs. As a manager in exhibitions, museums, monuments, brand communications. Or managing artifacts that want to innovate in the lead to serve viewers more effectively.

Contact VRTECH now to turn this idea into the fastest, most effective reality.


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