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20 January, 2020
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What is Virtual compass VR360?

Virtual compass is the use of VR360 and AR augmented reality technology to create a new type of compass. Content is displayed via mobile devices or via web browsers on interactive screens. With the advantage of displaying information, diagrams, positions, media data such as video, audio, images, effects integrated.

ứng dụng thực tế ảo cho Sa bàn ảo

Virtual reality application for Virtual compass – AR

Virtual compass is easy to deploy and move, so it is very convenient to replace the real bench in terms of utility, efficiency and cost. With the virtual table, all viewers will be able to observe from a remote, overhead overview, but also experience the project’s highlights, be able to observe all directions, change the weather, morning, noon, evening. The survey of sample apartments is easy, can experience, travel, interact with the interior and equipment inside without having to build a sample apartment when the project is not completed, which will help to The promotion, communication, sale and sales help customers decide to buy houses more quickly and conveniently.

The need for a Virtual compass :

As we all know, a traditional table only allows viewers to visualize the whole sketchy through the models, leveled up. Do not faithfully present the information that the investor, the sales and marketing team wants to convey. To do so, it must be through speakers, other traditional support tools such as pre-printed salekit sets, projectors, screens, computers, etc. arranged logically with the necessary information.

That way of doing it is too cumbersome and sloppy not suitable for the new technology era for presenting projects and selling goods.

The development of technology brings us more convenience and cost savings, time, and brings much higher efficiency than traditional ways. Virtual compass too, it will be a great choice for investors of real estate projects or other constructions and projects that need the most impressive and clear information.

Steps to create a virtual compass vr36 for the project:

Trải nghiệm căn hộ mẫu với thực tế ảo VR

Experience a model apartment with VR virtual reality

  • Survey, collect information about the project

Through the investor, there will be basic information about the project to be done, such as location, regulations, basic 2D and 3D design drawings. Information about the Developer and the highlights that are being introduced, highlighting.

The collection of sufficient information aims to document for conducting virtual compasses, as well as grasp the strategic direction, key ideas of the investor. It also helps to estimate the amount of work to complete as well as the cost to complete this virtual table.

  • Design 3D models for leveling:

After surveying, collecting important information and reducing drawings provided by the investor, there may be 2D drawings of the whole project, utilities, as well as designs of sample apartments. .

Based on the requirements of the investor and the 2D designs to conduct construction, 3D model design such as:

Overall 3D design for panoramic, external for the whole project
3D design of buildings and villas in the project
3D architectural design with detailed architecture of interior and exterior of the sample apartments, rooms of the villas.
Or 3D design for the functional areas, utilities such as swimming pool, gym room, bar …
Highlights that the investor wants to show prominently to introduce …

Dự án sa bàn ảo của Phenikaaa triển khai trên thiết bị tương tác

Virtual compass project of Phenikaaa deployed on interactive devices 

Such 3D designs must be according to the requirements and materials provided by the investor in order to perfect the idea of the virtual compass. The 3D design for the project and the visual effects for these items will take time and effort to complete.

  • Render 3D designs and create effects:

The best render implementation for points needs to have a team of experienced in designing, rendering and VR / AR technology to produce a suitable product for virtual desktops (maybe 360 images, 360 video, or compatible 3D model.)

This work is the input for the virtual table initialization institute programmer. It determines the display quality of the later table.

  • Software programming and creating menu functions for Virtual Desktop 360:

It is possible that the interface design and function of the virtual compass will proceed in parallel after the investor’s detailed requirements in step 1. However, the programming of the software and the display of contents and scenes The location, location and details of the areas (points) must have the input as the products after rendering and rendering in part 3.

The Virtual compass filling process will be conducted, all functions, how to display, including the points, or create virtual experiences – how virual tour is this programming stage. Usually a virtual table needs the following main functions:

Tích hợp trải nghiệm vr360 cho dự án

Integrated VR360 experience for the project

Create a virtual experience – Virual tour 360 to show the whole project from overview information, details of highlights and parties as well as interior and exterior for the most visible year.
Create model apartment experiences using augmented reality virtual reality technology.
Or experience the whole building. Or 360 videos
Can also combine to integrate into the salekit or holo box for guests
Deploy, integrate virtual tables onto devices for investors on demand such as Android mobile devices, Ios, on tablets, desktops, interactive devices, interactive screens …
Deploying and guiding the use of virtual compasses:

After the programming, testing functions are completed, the project is deployed for the investor. The arrangement of equipment at centralized points such as point of sale and product introduction should support the installation and user manual for employees on the given type of equipment.

The introduction of virtual desktops on the app market also needs support. Most developers often do not have development accounts to put applications on the market.

Advantages of deploying virtual compass desk projects, such as:

Sa bàn dễ dàng triển khai trên các thiế bị phổ thông

The tabletop is easy to deploy on popular devices

New VR/AR  vr360 technology helps attract, spread, promote, brand quickly
Creating advantages over traditional tables in terms of deployment, function and price.
Reduce costs, increase attractiveness, efficiency in project experience as well as sample products.
Easily upgrade, supplement information depending on the project progress or necessary changes
In line with the current new technology trend, supports maximum customer experience
Help introduce, sell, close the menu better, more satisfied customers.

Unit of designing and deploying virtual reality compass vr360:

To make a virtual compass project vr. The investor needs to find the best unit specializing in VR, VR360 and AR technology, combined with experience in architecture and design to create the most satisfactory product with the most attractive function. This integration also requires specialized knowledge on IT and information technology systems.

Vietnam Virtual Reality Technology Development Joint Stock Company (Vrtech) is a unit that can advise, prepare appropriate plans, build and deploy virtual compass projects for real estate projects. Large construction projects in various fields. With a team of experienced, professional staff will help investors, businesses get a vr360 virtual compass product today.

Please call 09268.09286 or email: for us to serve you.

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